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      Do you dream in Gantt Charts? You’ve come to the right place. Both professional project managers and those working towards certification will find BrightHubPM.com a valuable resource, covering all aspects of project management – from basic information to complex issues, from managing risks to maximizing ROI.

      Those new to managing projects will appreciate the many detailed how-to articles that take you step-by-step through multiple tasks, from creating your first milestone to setting up a Pareto Chart in Excel. Experienced PMs will appreciate in-depth articles on strategic planning, as well as some witty and light-hearted posts to brighten your day, especially when that oh-so-important project, isn’t running so smoothly.

      Discover tried-and-true strategies for maintaining quality product delivery in a timely manner, while upholding performance in an ever changing environment, often spanning multiple, geographically diverse locations. You’ll also find objective reviews of both popular and lesser known project management tools, open source and OEM.

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