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  • Agile For Millennials
    As a project manager, I try to relate events or situations to the project management process, which works in most circumstances. That got me thinking about using certain PM processes for millennials. I found that the Agile project management model and processes seem to fit millennials well.
  • The Problem of Poor Agile Adoption
    Whether you like it or not, Agile practices are here to stay. There have been many –and I mean many—documented successes. However, there is a litany of failures too. What are the barriers in place for teams to fully embrace and run with Agile? Let’s explore some of them.
  • The Agile Development Life Cycle
    There’s so much talk about applying agile techniques to deliver software. For people new to Agile, this article provides a quick overview of a typical Agile Development Life Cycle.
  • The Agile Triangle: More Than Scope, Schedule and Cost
    Project management experts have long stood by the Iron Triangle in Agile Methodology. However, it could behoove you to revamp the Iron Triangle to reflect value, quality, and constraints.
  • Why Everyone Has to be a Project Manager
    It doesn't matter what your official title is or what department you work in, there are projects that have to be done all the time, and companies don't always have a certified project manager to handle them. How can the average person succeed in managing projects?
  • Iteration Retrospective – A Collaborative Performance Improvement Tool
    Do you know how to improve your team’s performance after each iteration? In this article, you will learn a method that will enable your team to continuously improve after every Iteration.
  • An Introduction to Test Driven Development (TDD)
    Test Driven Development (TDD) is a phenomenon that is changing the way software development teams approach their build processes. To the traditionalist it seems a back-to-front approach, so in this article the basics of TDD are exposed and a case given to include it in your software developments.
  • Writing a Fixed Contract for an Agile Project
    How do you write a fixed-price contract for a embryonic Agile proposal? It's not as difficult as some make out but it does involve a change of mindset and a learning exercise for everyone. Clearly defining done, estimating stories and understanding velocity is key to getting it right.
  • Flex Your Agile Vocabulary in This Quick Quiz
    Do you think you know all things Agile? Maybe you are about to take your Agile exam and want a quick reality check. This quiz will test how well you know basic Agile and Scrum concepts.
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