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  • Cross-Certification: How Important is It?
    Individuals who obtain certifications primarily do so to be more valuable for the job market. This article shows, through case studies and through logic, that obtaining certifications will make one more valuable if the certifications show a knowledge of different (yet interrelated) knowledge areas.
  • Get Project Management Certified Without Going into Debt
    You may have looked into getting certified before, but shied away after viewing the price tag. But it is possible for you to get certified without spending a fortune. Find out how to get certified while saving yourself (and your company) money in the process.
  • Do I Need a Degree in Project Management?
    There are a number of colleges that offer Bachelor's or Master's degrees in Project Management. Is it worth your time to pursue a degree in this field?
  • Tips for Writing a Project Management Resume
    When is the last time you looked at your project management resume? Or, are you new to project management and need to write the perfect resume? Jean Scheid offers tips for writing a project management resume.
  • What New in PMBOK 5 - An Overview of the Changes
    The new PMBOK 5 was released mid 2013 and contains some updates to the information found in the prior edition. PMP certification is also being updated to reflect the changes in this guide to project management. Read on for an overview of what's new and different.
  • Benefits of Becoming PMP Certified
    Are you considering getting PMP certified? Learn the many benefits to PMP accreditation.
  • CMMI vs CMM: Which is Better?
    Carnegie Mellon developed CMM as a process maturity model. Implementation of CMM raised many challenges that led to development of CMMI as an improvement. CMMI however does not replace CMM and the effectiveness depends on the specific area of application.
  • Interpreting Scatter Plots or Scatter Charts in Project Quality Management
    Ever wondered how your team’s motivation is influenced by compensation or training? How can you be certain that a change in a parameter will definitely lead to the desired effect. Scatter Plots (Scatter Diagrams) are there to help you.
  • Today's Project Managers: Challenges of the 21st Century
    Project management is an evolving field and it seems there are more and more methodologies and best practices offered on a regular basis. What are some of the coming challenges facing project managers in the 21st Century?
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