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  • Dealing With Demanding Clients
    We've all dealt with demanding clients who constantly request changes, are never satisfied with the work, or want everything yesterday. Read more to learn how to say no without losing your client or reputation by regaining control of the situation.
  • ADKAR: A Bottom Up Approach to Implementing Change
    ADKAR is the acronym for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement. It depicts the five stages for an individual to make a successful change. The steps are sequential and cumulative, and an individual has to attain the goals of one stage before moving on to the next stage.
  • Adapting to Changing Requirements
    Have you ever begun a project just to hear your boss say "Wait, can we actually make the program do this?" If you've ever dealt with this situation, this article is a must-read. Learn how to adapt to changing project requirements.
  • A Look at the Components of Leavitt's Diamond
    Leavitt offered a new approach to looking at organizations, in which every organization consists of four interactive components. This approach is now widely used for making organizational change more effective. Keep reading to learn more about these components and their interactive behavior.
  • Dealing With Change: Have You Planned for These Common Obstacles?
    Projects change and with those changes you need some controls. Along with those controls you also need to be able to recognize the depth and complexity of the change. Too often leaders, organizations and stakeholders miss the important elements, causing planned or expected changes to go awry.
  • Will Scrum Edge Provide the Tools You Need?
    Scrum Edge is an on-demand project management utility. When you're trying to determine how useful a program is, it's important first to determine what your needs are. Scrum Edge is designed to accompany the efforts of those project managers utilizing Scrum methodologies. Will this program help you?
  • A Project Manager’s Guide to Chronemics in Team Communication
    Chronemics within the confines of team communication is an art and a science that falls under the umbrella of nonverbal communication. Difficult to grasp for the novice project manager, it becomes an invaluable ally for the seasoned professional. Are you hip to the theories–and the practice?
  • How to Prepare for an Uncertain Change
    As with anything in life there will be changes. Sometimes you know about the change and sometimes you don't. As a project manager you have to be prepared for changes, seen and unseen and you have to prepare your team for unknown changes while maintaining the integrity of the project.
  • Why You'd Better Be Well Versed in Change Management
    Whether you’re a mega-giant project management firm or a two-person office, if you don’t employ some effective change management tools, you could end up like superstore Best Buy or—worse—be a customer dissatisfaction disaster like Netflix..
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