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  • Four Styles of Leadership
    What is your leadership style? This is a personal question – and not one that has a right or wrong answer. Learn about the four top leadership styles and how you can leverage the best – and avoid the worst - from each.
  • Three Essentials for Proactive Leaders
    What does it take to be an effective leader? I learned three essentials in an “aha!” moment when someone distilled it down to the simplest terms that could be communicated in seconds. This is where the rubber meets the road!
  • Two Simple Actions to Become a Leader
    Sometimes we are doing all the right things, but things are just not clicking. Leaders bump into this situation: the proverbial brick wall. What can you do as a leader when you are bumping into that wall?
  • The One Essential for Genuine Leadership
    There is a common thread between Donald Trump and Barack Obama, or between Mahatma Gandhi and Jeff Bezos; between Mother Theresa and Al Capone. Learn the one thing that all of the most effective leaders have in common.
  • Here’s a New Way to Use 80:20 Thinking to Strike a Balance
    Using this alternative 80:20 thinking, you make an acceptable compromise with yourself and make a trade-off between approaching things one way versus another, making your outcome more palatable than it might otherwise be. Let’s see how this can brighten your prospects in many ways.
  • Put Your 80:20 Practices into Overdrive
    80:20 thinking is not just a once and done thing. You can apply it over and over again at multiple levels, a bit like peeling an onion. It is at these deeper and deeper levels that we can find the most effective applications of 80:20 thinking.
  • 80:20 Prioritizing: How to Handle What Matters Most and Least
    It’s easy to imagine how you can use 80:20 thinking to prioritize. How can you leverage 80:20 thinking to manage not only what matters most, but also what matters least (yet still matters)? This article looks at how to handle what matters most and how to best handle what matters least.
  • The Amazing Effectiveness of 80:20 Thinking
    The 80:20 rule applies in virtually every situation in the universe. It’s very useful to identify the 20 percent and the 80 percent, but what do you do once you have identified them? Let’s look at the range of possibilities for using 80:20 thinking to dramatically increase your effectiveness.
  • The Most Important Thing for PMOs
    There are many approaches to building a PMO, and myriad activities in which a PMO can engage. PMOs need to be judicious in what they choose to do and what services they provide, but there is one focal point every PMO needs to have.
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