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  • The Most Important Thing for PMOs
    There are many approaches to building a PMO, and myriad activities in which a PMO can engage. PMOs need to be judicious in what they choose to do and what services they provide, but there is one focal point every PMO needs to have.
  • Informal PMOs Are OK
    While there are a variety of formal approaches and flavors to PMOs, these might not be quite right in every situation. Many situations may actually call for a more customized, less formal approach. This article investigates some approaches that may be less formal but are no less effective.
  • Types of PMOs - Various Points of View
    Project Management Offices (PMOs) come in different sizes and shapes with different objectives and structures. This article discusses the various PMO flavors and points of view across the industry.
  • PMOs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    This is the first part of a series of four articles on Project Management Offices (PMOs) and looks at the best and worst of what can happened when an organization implements a PMO.
  • Foster a Culture of Strategic Change to Give Strategic Initiatives a Chance
    Strategic Initiative Management is, at least in part, a fancy way of describing how a company manages its portfolio of projects. No matter the situation, projects represent one thing: CHANGE.
  • Strategic Initiatives Must Focus on Human and Institutional Capabilities
    Any strategic initiative needs to focus on building organizational capability in some way – whether human capability or institutional capability. The controversy can be that project objectives could come into conflict with organizational objectives – or vice versa.
  • Keep Processes Simple to Make Strategic Initiatives Sizzle
    Strategic Initiative Management has the potential to be a highly complex topic. Indeed, it is a complicated topic, but it demands keeping supporting processes simple to be successful!
  • Bias Toward 80:20 Opportunities Makes Successful Strategic Initiatives
    Strategic initiatives are, by definition, items of high priority to the organization. As a result, they need to concentrate on providing key strategic measures of performance that emphasize the operational aspects that the initiative is supposed to support.
  • Outsourcing Smaller, Singular Tasks
    Outsourcing on an individual basis is new territory. The international landscape provides great opportunity for you to segment those individual tasks that you might like to outsource and provides great opportunities to individuals who provide those services.
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