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  • Outsourcing to an Outside Contractor Offshore
    Outsourcing to overseas contractors has become a newer, high impact and more complex form of outsourcing. This post focuses on technology-based outsourcing, typically to overseas contractors –outside the United States—with a huge labor cost advantage.
  • Outsourcing to an Outside Contractor but Not Offshore
    This is the second part of a series of four articles on outsourcing, taking a broader, more holistic look at the topic than is typically written. This post, looks at outsourcing to a contractor that is located within your country or region.
  • Outsourcing within Your Organization – In-house but Not Under Your Direct Control
    This is the first part of a series of four articles on outsourcing, taking a broader, more holistic look at the topic than is typically written. This first part looks at outsourcing in-house, but not directly under your control.
  • Protect Your Project Management Career in the Digital Age
    The pace of technology change is not only fast, but it has profound impacts on industry structure, company strategy and projects. However, there is one thing that you, as a project management pro, can do to ensure you are not caught unaware and unprepared over time.
  • Getting Beyond Digital in Project Management
    If you master the core of project management, you will get beyond the fear of being left behind by digital technology. It is something that has not changed from before the term “project management” was even coined to the fast paced, digitally driven world of today and it’s not likely to change now.
  • Digital Project Management Defined
    There are so many specialties. Is digital project management a specialty within the project management field? This post explores what is most important to know about digital project management.
  • Digital Project Management: What Is Digital?
    One topic in the project management community that is gaining some steam is the subject of digital project management. Well, if you are in the PM community, you know what project management is, but what about digital? This is the first of a four-part series addressing digital project management.
  • Applying Project Management to Parenting: Monitor, Control and Closure
    In this article, we will discuss the last two steps of the project management process and associate those with the conventional parenting wisdom. We look at the stages of monitoring, controlling and closure.
  • Project Management and Parenting: Initiate, Plan and Execute
    This article discusses the project management process and associates them with conventional parenting wisdom. As a caveat, this article does not in any way point out the best method for parenting. It is an attempt to make it a process for which parenting and project management both apply.
  • Ethics: At the Heart of Project Management
    Putting the PMI Code of Ethics, and topic of project management ethics in general, into perspective will enable you to harness ethics as a motivational engine to help you become a multi-faceted project manager - more resilient, versatile and effective.
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