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  • What Lessons Can the Government Learn from Project Managers?
    It seems like lately the government has been finding it impossible to manage projects effectively while operating within a budget. There are plenty of things government officials could learn from the world of project management.
  • Can a Small Business Benefit From TQM Practices?
    Is it possible for the small business owner to utilize TQM (Total Quality Management) to improve processes or predict market share or the lifetime of a product or service? Take a closer look at TQM practices.
  • Overview of the Initiating Process Group in the PMBOK 5
    The Initiating Process Group is an essential step in completing your process. This is the phase where you define your project and obtain authorization to complete your goals.
  • Lean Management Principles: How to Eliminate Waste
    By looking at how teams can work more efficiently and by identifying non-essential project elements, project managers can eliminate bottlenecks and improve productivity.
  • When to Use Extreme Project Management
    If you find that you have many more requirements then you can possibly deliver, or there are several choices about what to deliver, then you may need the ability to change your mind in the middle.
  • Can You Identify a SMART Goal?
    Effective business professionals establish specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-constrained goals. SMART goals help people focus on their career development in a constructive, productive way. Test your knowledge on this topic now.
  • PM Skills: The Keys to Success in the Future Workplace?
    Project managers are used to playing many roles and adapting to new situations on an as-needed basis. Could these and other PM skills define the qualities of the in-demand worker of the future?
  • Is Every Employee a Project Manager in Today's World?
    In theory, getting more people to think like project managers may sound like a great idea, but what about those employees who thrive in different types of working environments? Could encouraging this type of mindset actually be detrimental in some cases - to both the organization and the individual?
  • Theories in Total Quality Management (TQM)
    What do you know about the different theories of total quality management? Learn more about TQM, a customer based management methodology.
  • 7 Project Management Tips for Occupy Wall Street
    Occupy Wall Street and all its Occupy offshoots need nothing so much as a good project management plan. The crusade perches at a precarious juncture. Will it gather support from the masses and roll forward with momentum or will its supporters diminish to a disenfranchised few who sit at curbsides?
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