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  • Learn, Offer, Value, Educate (LOVE) and the Project Manager
    Most project managers feel the love of project management more when they bring in projects under budget and on schedule. However, that love rarely extends beyond the completion of that project, unless you apply the very essence of what LOVE entails.
  • Don't Lose Momentum After a Meeting
    We spend a significant amount of our working lives in meetings, and for good reason. Whether you’re capturing ideas, making decisions or managing progress, it’s important your meetings are run efficiently from start to finish, including the follow up.
  • Improved Business Results with Better Project Governance
    Poor project governance is often responsible for the failure of a project. But what is project governance? And how do you improve it in your own projects?
  • The Limits of the Triple Constraints
    Projects are traditionally defined by the triple constraints of cost, time and scope, but what about other constraints, such as risk, customer expectations and performance? Let’s find out.
  • SMART Objectives: Samples For Managers
    Managers need agility and focus at all times. By using SMART objectives, managers can ensure both long-term and short-term focus and ensure success. This article provides an overview of the SMART framework and some relevant samples of SMART objectives for managers.
  • The Difference Between Task Management & Project Management
    Project Managers and Task Managers are collaborators with a common end goal in mind. A task manager's job is a bit simpler because they only have to focus on the task, while the PM has to balance the entire project. PMs need to learn to delegate tasks effectively in order to succeed.
  • What Lessons Can the Government Learn from Project Managers?
    It seems like lately the government has been finding it impossible to manage projects effectively while operating within a budget. There are plenty of things government officials could learn from the world of project management.
  • Can a Small Business Benefit From TQM Practices?
    Is it possible for the small business owner to utilize TQM (Total Quality Management) to improve processes or predict market share or the lifetime of a product or service? Take a closer look at TQM practices.
  • Overview of the Initiating Process Group in the PMBOK 5
    The Initiating Process Group is an essential step in completing your process. This is the phase where you define your project and obtain authorization to complete your goals.
  • Lean Management Principles: How to Eliminate Waste
    By looking at how teams can work more efficiently and by identifying non-essential project elements, project managers can eliminate bottlenecks and improve productivity.
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