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  • The Monitoring & Controlling Process Group: A Definition
    Projects get delayed for many reasons, including unforeseen risks, optimistic estimates, and evolving requirements. The reality is that projects rarely go as planned. The processes in the Monitoring and Controlling process group trigger change requests that enable a project to get back on track.
  • Project Execution Process Group: Put Your Plan to Work
    Your project plans are worth nothing without an impeccable project execution. This phase is necessary to make sure project deliverables and project objectives will meet stakeholder expectations. Learn more about the processes defined in the Executing Process Group.
  • Overview of the Project Planning Process Group
    In the Planning Process Group, you will be creating all of the project documents that will enable you to deliver project. This group has the most processes of any other group. Read on to understand the complexity.
  • The Delphi Technique: Will It Help You Get Back on the Right Track?
    The Delphi method is a unique way of obtaining an expert consensus opinion through a process of thesis, antithesis and eventual synthesis. Find out more about the Delphi technique and how to use it in project management.
  • Elements of a Stakeholder Communication Plan
    By looking at project stakeholders the same way that a newspaper editor thinks about his readers, project management professionals can improve efficiency while avoiding conflict. Do this by creating an effective stakeholder communication plan.
  • The Case for KISS: Keeping It Simple in a Complex Environment
    It's so easy for project managers to fall into the trap of over-complicating their planning and structures and losing sight of some basic fundamentals. Whilst it may seem counter-intuitive, the bigger the project, the simpler you should keep the planning and controls!
  • The Top Ten Benefits of Project Management
    The benefits of project management serve everyone involved in the PM process: the manager who oversees the project, the client who anxiously awaits for the completed project and the production team which gets the project up and running.
  • Problem Tree: A Comprehensive Analysis Tool
    A problem tree can help you find the causes and consequences of a problem. Discover an effective resolution by not dealing with a problem in isolation.
  • Top 13 Wardrobe Malfunctions Seen in Business Attire
    Contrary to popular belief, dressing for success is not a cliche from the past. The fastest way to zoom to the top of the corporate ladder is to dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Study these images carefully and you'll never make another fashion mistake in your professional career.
  • Strategic Tasks and Tactical Activities of a Product Manager
    Product managers are critical in software product companies where they are usually found working as part of the engineering organization. What are their roles in such a capacity? Learn the main duties of a product manager in a software company.
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