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  • Portfolio Management: Portfolio of Businesses
    This article investigates the application of portfolio management to a grouping of businesses, driving home what the elements of Portfolio Management are, examining whether a well-managed portfolio of businesses is more valuable than the sum of the value of each business.
  • Portfolio Management: A Portfolio of Products
    This article investigates the application of portfolio management to a grouping of products, driving home the elements of portfolio management .The product strategy is the initial driver and portfolio management is the practice of executing that strategy for the specific grouping of products.
  • Portfolio Management: An Investment Portfolio
    Portfolio Management is managing a coordinated grouping according to a well-defined strategy. As such, managing a portfolio of investments is much like managing a portfolio of projects. This article investigates the application of portfolio management to investments.
  • Common Sense Tricks for Project Managers: Begin with the End in Mind
    All too often projects take on a life of their own and people lose sight of its purpose. How can you find a navigational tool for communicating throughout the project, a compass for guiding priorities and decisions and the foundation for setting up systems to measure your progress?
  • Common Sense Tricks for Project Managers: Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF)
    Projects are full of detail. Deep and wide detail. Yet, while we must master the detail, we must communicate up, down, and across the organization. Is there a technique you can use to force yourself and your team to synthesize, summarize and communicate to stakeholders at the right level of detail?
  • Common Sense Tricks for Project Managers: Organizational Roles and Relationships
    Considering formal and informal organization structure is part of your due diligence. So the question is, what value can this information provide you to enable you and your team to operate most effectively and give yourselves the best chances of success?
  • Common Sense Tricks for Project Managers: The Sanity Check
    As a project manager, you must bring order to the chaos that is often close at hand in the form of recommendations, ideas or actions that can influence project outcomes. How can you delve beyond the rational, using your best instincts, and bring the ultimate value to your projects?
  • Global PM - An Irreversible Trend
    Despite rumblings of nationalism, shoring up borders and questioning trade across the globe, the underpinnings of global PM are permanent and part of our collective ecosystem because the drivers behind the trend are technology, markets and trade.
  • Global PM - Predicting the Trends
    The trend has been toward more enabling technologies, especially the internet, global markets and expanding trade. This has effected the project management profession, which generally works on the edge of change. Will these trends continue?
  • Project Management Is a Global Profession
    We have global markets, use global supply chains, leverage global logistics, hire a global workforce and deploy a global financial structure. How, in such a global environment, could projects that cut across and extend these capabilities not involve global project management?
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