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  • What Can Project Leaders Learn From Salespeople?
    At both the beginning and the end, as a project manager, it’s up to you to seal the deal so to speak or sell that project! Throughout your PM training you may never have thought about sales but it has to be part of your game. Jean Scheid explains.
  • The Difference Between Resource Loading and Resource Leveling
    A project manager has several choices on how to meet demands of his/her many projects. Two simple choices are resource loading and resource leveling. But, what do these two terms mean? Learn what resource loading and resource leveling are and the differences between the two.
  • Examples of Mind Mapping in Project Management
    What is mind mapping and how is it used in project management? For starters, mind mapping can be a great visual tool in brainstorming sessions—so forget the sticky notes. Here, Jean Scheid offers some mind mapping examples and tips to help you get started.
  • 5 Effective Techniques Used to Manage Conflict
    Conflict is a healthy thing. If you’re seeking effective conflict management techniques, keep in mind that there is a difference between managing conflict and eliminating it. You will never succeed in getting rid of it entirely, but you can learn to keep it under control and even to use it.
  • The Basics of Stakeholder Management
    In order for your projects to have great outcomes where everyone gets what they want, you need to identify the stakeholders. How you and your team communicate with stakeholders is essential in the running of a successful project.
  • The Top 7 Team Project Management Techniques
    Experienced project managers use these seven critical techniques for successful team project management.
  • What is the Perfect Gift for the Busy Project Manager?
    What kind of gift do you get the busy boss with tousled hair and loads of papers on their desk? What about gifts for team leaders give to individuals or to teams for a job well done? Are there rules to manager/staff gift giving? Find out what's appropriate.
  • Project Management Etiquette During the Holiday Season
    The holiday season brings cooler weather, decorations adoring your commute and a cesspool of decisions regarding how certain aspects of the holiday season should be handled in the diverse environment of the modern work space. Get a grasp on proper etiquette for this festive time of year.
  • How Well Do You Use Virtual Body Language in Project Communications?
    Have you ever written what you thought was a clear, concise email only to have others interpret it quite differently? Just as traditional body language is crucial for getting your spoken message across, virtual body language can make or break written communications.
  • Sorry, I Cannot See Past Your God Complex
    If your team members are commenting snidely, "Sorry, your God complex is talking so loudly I can't hear a word you say," it may be time for serious self-assessment. If you are disconnected from the team, your project may solve the wrong problem or fail. Here's what you need to know and to do.
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