Agile & Scrum Project Management

Read articles, find tips and advice on implementing agile project management in your own projects. Agile, also known as extreme project management, is a fast and flexible method of managing and controlling complex software. You’ll also learn about Scrum, a popular agile process best suited for rapidly changing projects. Is this the right method to help you meet your project goals?

Top Ten Agile Development Problems

So you want to be agile in your projects. Some experts on the agile methodology will caution you on agile development problems while others will say, “go ahead and jump right in.” What are the top pitfalls and problems in agile development? Jean Scheid takes a look.

What Are Quality Management Tools?

Perhaps decades ago, products were invented and designed by experts with a plethora of knowledge behind them. Product developers provided written guidelines followed by production lines.Today, products and outcomes are often predictable by using effective quality management tools.