Ronda Bowen

Scrum Edge Review: Features, Value and Use Ratings

Scrum Edge is an on-demand project management utility. When you’re trying to determine how useful a program is, it’s important first to determine what your needs are. Scrum Edge is designed to accompany the efforts of those project managers utilizing Scrum methodologies. Will this program help you?

The Legally Blonde Guide to Project Management

I’m not afraid to admit it. Legally Blonde is one of my favorite movies of all time. Not only is it entertaining in terms of storytelling, but I feel like I learn something every time I watch it. This last time I watched the movie, I realized that Elle Woods would make a great project manager.

A Guide to the Project Management Life Cycle

Initiate – Plan – Execute – Monitor – Close. These are the five main process groups of the project management life cycle. Whether you have been managing projects for a decade or for a day, there are always new tips and techniques surfacing that will help you do your job better.

Give Great Feedback Using the STAR Model

No one likes to be told he or she isn’t performing up to speed. It’s important that you learn how to give positive feedback to your team members and clients. One way to learn positive feedback is through using the STAR model. Learn what this tool is and how it can help you.