Sylvia Cochran

Guide to Performing a Gap Analysis

A handy guide to performing a gap analysis highlights the steps needed to compare a project’s actual performance metrics against projected data. Are you putting your resources to good use? Does benchmarking show the need for an in-depth risk analysis? Measure the gap and find out.

How to Make Chronemics Work in Project Management

Chronemics within the confines of team communication is an art and a science that falls under the umbrella of nonverbal communication. Difficult to grasp for the novice project manager, it becomes an invaluable ally for the seasoned professional. Are you hip to the theories–and the practice?

5 Keys to an Effective Business Travel Policy

If your company does not have a comprehensive business travel policy, your resources management is most likely off. There is a good chance that you routinely overspend your budget and overstretch your workforce. Fortunately, there are answers. Five elements spell out a successful travel policy.