Change Management

The only certain factor you can count on in Project Management is Change. How well do you manage rapidly changing methods and shifting priorities? Find tips for every PM on adapting and embracing change, as well as getting the rest of your team on board.

What Is Prosci’s Change Management Methodology?

The basis of Prosci’s change management methodology is based on collective lessons and examples by project leaders and teams around the globe. The result has been Prosci’s development of a methodology that is easy to use for the everyday project manager or team.

5 Key Elements of Change Management

As a project manager, how do you approach change? Is everyone on board and happy? Or do you have team members, full of groaning and complaining, who are missing the mark? By following the 5 key elements of effective change management in an outlined process, your projects will shine every time.

Define Change Control

Your project is set and you’ve outlined all the goals. Suddenly the deadline changes or you find you need more team members. Even worse, the scope of the project has changed. Should you panic? With good change control policies, your project will not fail.

Overview of Change Management Methodology

Change management methodology can be a big help when you need to make changes within your projects or organization. Learn what change management methodology is and how it can help you deal with the inherent problems of any new direction.

Change Management as Part of the Requirements Process

Implementing a requirement is always implementing a change. Thus change management (CM) and change requests (CR) become important in this article. Even the different approaches of upcoming changes in product, processes and organization are determined by some CR’s and therefore are mentioned here.