Test Your Familiarity With All That Project Management Lingo

Are you up to speed with project management terms?

Doesn’t it seem like project managers speak their own langauge? Some of the terms in this special language involve acronyms: PERT, VE, WBS, and SDLC. Some terms involve something that sounds unappealing – Scrum, for example. Other terms sound extremely formal – the reengineering process, for example. What’s critical is that you know how to speak project-speak whether you’re a project manager or a project team member. If someone tells you it’s time to sprint, you shouldn’t be putting on your running shoes (in fact, you might get a few puzzled looks). If someone suggests you use the PERT formula, you should know what it is and what it’s used for. When someone asks you to perform a bottom-up estimate, please don’t run to the bar.

One way to make sure you have your terms straight is to take a quiz on the terminology involved in project management. By being certain you know what you’re talking about (and what others are talking about), you can be sure you won’t have any strange and embarrassing moments! Okay, ready for the quiz? Let’s roll!

Project-Speak Quiz

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