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Can You Impress Your Friends with Your Knowledge of Project Management History?

written by: Ronda Bowen • edited by: Jean Scheid • updated: 10/17/2011

If you've been bragging about how much you know about the project management industry, you might want to take this quiz. Learn how much you really know and gain bragging rights over your coworkers by acing this difficult quiz covering the history of project management practices. Start your engines!

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    When did project management become a discipline? Who founded the Project Management Institute (PMI)? Who came up with the Six SIgma metrics? Who were the members involved with developing quality improvement efforts? Do these seem like easy questions to you? Perhaps it's time you challenge yourself and your friends. By taking time to see whether you are a master of project management history, you can gain the rights to brag to friends and colleagues about your knowledge. Of course, if you struggle with your project management knowledge, you might want to reassess what you know and brush up on the information needed for managing projects successfully. Are you ready? Let's get started!

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    Project Management History

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