Project Management Methods & Ideologies

Although there are a few methodologies, such as Agile and Six Sigma, that have their own topic areas, this area is devoted to exploring the many different project management methodologies that are utilized by project managers all around the world. In addition, this is a place where PM experts can “talk shop” and express their opinions on why they believe some strategies work and others don’t. We’ll cover Waterall Methodology, PRINCE2 and much more.

Organizational Agility:  Adaptability vs Predictability

Organizational Agility: Adaptability vs Predictability

Adaptability is a very admirable quality – for both individuals and organizations.  However, both individuals and organizations LOVE predictability. We tend not to like surprises!  These two characteristics – adaptability and predictability – are opposites, both admirable and desirable, and yet there is certain friction between the two.  How do we find a balance between …

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Strategy Implementation in Businesses

Strategy Implementation in Businesses

Devising business strategies is complex – but much easier to do than implementing the strategy.  Strategy implementation in businesses entails addressing broad cross-organization issues – like organizational framework, culture, communications flow, and lines of responsibility.  This article explores a few of the key factors that can make or break the successful implementation of a business …

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Strategy Implementation in Government

Strategy Implementation in Government

In my opinion, government organizations are among the most complex – because they are driven by very specific yet often open-ended missions…where success may not be easily measured, where efficiency is a secondary objective, and where matrix organizations result in lines of authority and accountability that may not be so clear and consistent.  Responsible spending …

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Strategy Implementation on Programs

Strategy Implementation on Programs

Programs provide a ‘first front line’ for implementation of strategic objectives, as programs are by nature strategically defined and implement a subset of the strategy.  As such, programs can also provide a ‘laboratory’ for implementing strategic objectives – for getting strategy implementation right before implementing elsewhere. Programs also provide the bridge to strategy implementation on …

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Quality Measurement on Your Project:  Measuring Quality in Quantity

Quality Measurement on Your Project: Measuring Quality in Quantity

You know what you’re going to measure to determine quality…but you know that the product won’t be perfect the first time out.  You’re going to need a way to execute the measurement process multiple times – or at least enough to achieve a level of confidence that you have achieved the required level of quality. The …

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