Monitoring and Controlling the Project

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  • The Significance of Earned Value Analysis, Forecasting & To-Complete Performance Index
    Part of your job as Project Manager is to keep concerned stakeholders up to date on the progress of your project. This is where Earned Value Analysis comes in. Become familiar with these definitions and processes.
  • Does Anxiety Rule Your Project Management Roost? Just How Bad Is It?
    Part of being a project leader means understanding how to manage a project. If you are the type where every phase, element and task is deemed urgent, how well are you really managing the endeavor? Your teams will fight you and soon—may not even listen to you. Jean Scheid explains.
  • Is Your Mouth Saying One Thing and Your Body Another?
    Learn how to match your body language with your words to send the right message every single time. If you know how to read others' body language correctly, you'll know how to make the proper adjustments to your own. Mastering this skill is a win-win for career success.
  • Collection of Guides and Tips to Improve the Project Monitoring Process
    This guide to the project monitor and control process provides a collection of insightful articles on these important project management stages. They encompass a detailed overview of the topics, strategies and best practices, tools and techniques in use and much more.
  • Test Your Earned Value Management Skills
    The Project Management Body of Knowledge published by the Project Management Institute defines cost monitoring and controlling techniques used in the Project Cost Management knowledge area. Test your understanding of this topic with this fun, interactive quiz.
  • Keeping Up With Monthly Reports for Construction Projects
    Status reports, change orders, and even subcontractor status reports are a must on any construction project. An important element here is uniformity and clear communication. Here, Jean Scheid discusses their importance plus some free links to sample forms.
  • Project Closure: Terminating A Project
    You are required to terminate your project. What are the different criteria for project termination that you will consider before taking this step? Read on to find out more about about the basic requirements that have to be met in order to terminate a project.
  • Which KPI is the Best for Your Organization?
    Organizations use various key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the success of its projects, processes and operations. Find out which is the right KPI for your company.
  • How Do You Measure Your Project Performance?
    The key performance indicators are the tools used in organizations for measuring the performance of various functions. There are different types of key performance indicators (KPIs) used in project management for the industries like manufacturing, retail or IT. Read on to learn more about KPIs.
  • Complete Your Project on Time Without Compromising on Quality
    Are you a project manager who is struggling to complete your projects on time? Unless the previous project is completed on time, winning a new project will be very tough. Learn the important tips to complete your projects by successfully meeting work deadlines.
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