Project Planning for PMs

Planning your project is the most important element of Project Management. In this topic find all the tips, articles and advice you need to bring your project from start to finish in the most efficient way possible. Read articles on setting goals, creating project deliverables, a schedule, a communication plan and all the other elements that go into bringing a project from concept to finished product.

BLUF Communication in Project Management

Projects are full of detail. Deep and wide detail. Yet, while we must master the detail, we must communicate up, down, and across the organization. Is there a technique you can use to force yourself and your team to synthesize, summarize and communicate to stakeholders at the right level of detail?

Can Global PM Teams Tackle Agile Projects?

I pose the question, is global project management possible for agile projects? Agile teams, primarily for software development projects, necessarily are in very close communications on a constant basis. Consider whether global project management is problematic for agile teams and projects.

Why Project Managers Must Think Globally

We have global markets, use global supply chains, leverage global logistics, hire a global workforce and deploy a global financial structure. How, in such a global environment, could projects that cut across and extend these capabilities not involve global project management?