Resource Management

Do you have the resources you need to execute your project? Whether it’s finances, personnel or information, a crucial element of planning is to make sure your resources are being used effectively. Become better at resource management with this collection of articles and advice from fellow PMs. Learn the most effective methods of employing a company’s resources to best complete your next project.

Brainstorming on Budget Resource Management

Lean times have taught us all to ask, what can you do to budget your resources or personnel? Keeping your people working is your goal, but how do you afford it without it affecting your bottom line? Effective budget resource management is mandatory.

How to Decompose your Projects

This article takes the reader on a step-by-step overview of how to decompose project tasks before integrating them into a Work Breakdown Structure. This writer believes a pen-and-paper approach allows you to organize your thoughts into a meaningful Work Breakdown Structure.