Project Risk Management

Risk is inevitable when executing a project. Whether it’s a financial loss, accident, or project failure, there are any number of ways a project can go wrong. It’s your job to identify possible risks and have a plan in place for minimizing, as well as dealing with them when they are encountered.
Sound tough? This may be the least favorite part of any PM’s job, but we have a wealth of content to help you navigate these issues and succeed in your project. Read articles, tips and ideas from fellow PMs and share your own experience in the comments.

Great Success Stories in Crisis Management

Yes, it really is possible to recover from a major business crisis if you have a solid plan to put into action. These three real-life success stories show the importance of predetermining the skills, resources and technology needed to cope with unexpected threats as quickly as possible.

How to Write A Disaster Recovery Plan

Do you know how to write a disaster recovery plan? It’s not difficult, though extremely important. There’re different types of organizations with specific business purposes. However, a disaster recovery plan will be essential for all the organizations.

How to Test Disaster Recovery Plans

Even the most carefully designed disaster recovery plans can fall short at the time the project is actually hit by a disaster. The question arises – what can you do to prevent these fall backs? Here are some techniques that can be used to learn how to test disaster recovery plans.