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What Is Your Six Sigma IQ? Quiz Yourself Here

written by: Jean Scheid • edited by: Michele McDonough • updated: 12/5/2011

Six Sigma is a widely used project management methodology but how strong is your Six Sigma knowledge? Here, we challenge you to test that knowledge with this quick quiz. You'll also find lots of tips and resources at the end of the quiz.

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    Are You Ready?

    Six Sigma Today's project management world is full of all sorts of methodologies but perhaps the one with the most buzz is Six Sigma. Who invented Six Sigma and what projects is it best for? What sort of control charts are popular in this methodology and what sort of certification levels can one achieve? What about the various phases used in Six Sigma?

    Are you a Six Sigma expert? Perhaps, but if you're not sure, we challenge you here to take a minute and tackle this short 14 question quiz. Don't worry if you don't achieve the score you thought you would. We've provided some resources at the end of this quiz you can review and then retake the test. Good luck!

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    Six Sigma Quiz

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