Six Sigma

Will the Six Sigma business strategy work for you? Read more about this method that strives to reduce defects and improve quality. Whether you’re a newbie or a black belt, you’re sure to learn something from Bright Hub PMs collection of articles, tips and templates. Learn the different ways you can use Six Sigma to benefit your own company.

Six Sigma History and How It All Began

This article’s retelling of the Six Sigma history brings the readers back to a time when its principles were simply meant to control the causes of variables in the earliest inventions. Find out how one man’s statistical analysis evolved into becoming a set of business tools and methodologies.

Free Example of a Kano Analysis: Uses in the Service Industry

Looking to find ways to improve customer satisfaction and quality if you’re in the service industry? If so, why not use a Kano analysis? Find out here how to use this customer needs/wants/desires model developed by quality expert Dr. Noriaki Kano. Jean Scheid explains the Kano Model.

Creating a Designing a Voice of Customer Program

Getting customers to talk to you as a business can be challenging, especially since most customers seem ready to talk to other people about their experiences they have had with a company (especially the bad ones). Here are some tips for designing a voice of customer program works to change that.

How to Develop a Six Sigma Baseline

Six Sigma is a quality management approach that seeks to eliminate variability in the process or output, and the Six Sigma baseline is the state of variability at the start of the Six Sigma intervention. Read on for more information on the Six Sigma baseline.

Unerstanding the Six Sigma Approach

Six Sigma is a systematic change management methodology that aims to eliminate variability and waste and thereby improve operational performance and product quality. Read on for an overview of the six sigma approach.

Understanding the Focus of Lean Six Sigma

The need to stifle competition by providing customers with better value for their money has made businesses to look for innovative tools that add product quality and bring about process efficiency. Lean Six Sigma ranks as a powerful tool in this direction. Learn about the focus of lean six sigma.

What’s the Truth About Six Sigma Training?

If your management style includes utilizing Six Sigma, how valuable is it for your teams to be trained in Six Sigma? What’s the truth about Six Sigma training and does having a certification mean your staff knows what’s expected of them in a Six Sigma project? Read on to find out.

Ways to Improve Finance Functions through Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma methodology lends itself to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of transaction-heavy processes within the finance organization, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and procurements. This methodology is no longer seen as just a way to improve operational function.

Discover Taguchi Methodology

Genichi Taguchi pioneered methods that would statistically improve manufacturing processes with the end result being an improvement in product quality. Since its inception, Taguchi methodology has been adopted for use in engineering, biotech, advertising, and a variety of other business roles.

Understanding Taguchi Loss Function: Definition and Examples

What are the costs of poor quality? The conventional view points to losses to rework or scraping products made outside specifications. Taguchi Loss Function explains that the implications of poor quality run deeper and include social costs, and that such costs are a function of quality standards.