Six Sigma

Will the Six Sigma business strategy work for you? Read more about this method that strives to reduce defects and improve quality. Whether you’re a newbie or a black belt, you’re sure to learn something from Bright Hub PMs collection of articles, tips and templates. Learn the different ways you can use Six Sigma to benefit your own company.

3 Sigma and the State of Business Outcomes

Three Sigma mathematically refers to three times a standard deviation of a normal distribution. This is a statistical measure that includes nearly 99.7% of all values. In business, 3 Sigma measures the predictability of factors that influence the outcome of a process. Read on for more on 3 Sigma.

Discover the Differences between 3 Sigma vs. 6 Sigma

Statistics were first applied to quality control by Walter Shewhart whose work formed the foundation of modern Six Sigma programs. Perhaps less known than the concept of Six Sigma is that of Three Sigma. Here we consider 3 Sigma vs. 6 Sigma and identify key differentials between the two terms.

Top 5 Distance Learning Six Sigma Training Programs Online

Six Sigma, the quality improvement approach to project management, is so popular that many organizations offer distance learning Six Sigma training. Now, you can learn Six Sigma at your own pace and online. Here, we found five distance learning centers to help you on your Six Sigma path.

Example of a Six Sigma Project Charter

Part of beginning any Six Sigma project is creating the project charter. Without it, how can success be measured, determined or followed? No matter what Six Sigma phases you utilize, DMAIC, DMEDI, or DMADV, you need a project charter. Jean Scheid tells us why.

Components of a DMAIC Project Charter: Part 1 of 2

The major components of a DMAIC Project Charter are the problem statement, the goal statement, the project scope, constraints and risk factors, a cost-benefit analysis, and a listing of the project team. Read on for more information and examples.

The Difference Between DMAIC and DMEDI

DMAIC and DMEDI are Six Sigma approaches aimed at reducing defects to 3.4 per million opportunities. The difference between DMAIC and DMEDI is that DMAIC is an analytical data-driven approach applied to improve existing processes whereas DMEDI is a creative approach used to develop new processes.

What Are the Steps in DMADV For Six Sigma?

In Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma there are many step processes you can implement depending upon your project. Some of these steps include DMAIC, DMEDI, and finally DMADV steps. The DMADV Methodology works a little different and is more customer driven.

Six Sigma DMEDI Methodologies Versus DMAIC

There’s a lot of Six Sigma going around, even in large corporations like Ford Motor Company and General Motors. With all this interest in Six Sigma, which is best the DMAIC model or the Six Sigma DMEDI methodology?

The Importance of Six Sigma Performance Measurement

One of the vital components of implementing any quality control system is to measure whether there have been any effects: negative or positive. Six Sigma performance measurement is a review process that should be conducted on a regular basis.