Resourcefulness in Scrum Leadership

Resourcefulness in Scrum Leadership
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The Key to Resourcefulness


The key to being resourceful is to ask the right questions in a positive way. This is done by adopting an attitude of the art of the possible: extreme positive thinking.

One of my favorite techniques for developing such questions is to stretch your own thinking and that of your team by challenging the assumptions. That’s what I mean by turning things upside down. Here are a few ways that you can turn things upside down to help reveal how it is possible to accomplish the team’s goals:

  1. Be open to partial or incremental solutions. Anything that takes you in the right direction, however small, is a step in the right direction.
  2. Listen carefully for the hidden assumptions. It may be assumed that a particular person is needed but you could ask what we would do if that person was no longer here.
  3. Don’t tolerate monotony and look for ways to keep things fresh and energizing. Team meetings are a great place to balance regular cadence with fresh thinking.
  4. When you find an impediment, ask if it really matters and if you could actually live with it but work around it.
  5. When others are explaining issues, ask how they would explain it to their spouse/friend/parent/child…and what they think that person would suggest.

Stretch Your Thinking

When you stretch your own thinking, you can become more effective at stretching the thinking of those on your team. I suggest two ways to consider stretching your thinking toward the possible:

  1. Cultivate relationships within and deeper understanding of your organization. This will give you confidence in your ability to get things done.
  2. Take the time to extend your network, to expose yourself to ideas and approaches outside your organization and even outside your industry. This will enhance your creativity.

Becoming resourceful is a journey for you, your team, and even your organization.

What questions can you ask today to help make your agile team more resourceful?

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