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  • Online Resources You Can Use to Prepare for the Project Management Professional Certification
    Receiving your official PMP certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI) is an accomplishment that garners respect from colleagues and the potential for increasing salary. Learn about the certification process and the best online resources here.
  • Leveraging PM Skills to Have Your Own Business
    For many there may come a time to ask, “What’s next after project management?” This article explores just that – exploring the potential for owning your own business, where you of course can leverage your project management skills!
  • Leveraging PM Skills to Be an Investor
    You might not think of it first thing, but being a seasoned project manager has provided you with skills that are transferable in many ways to being a good project investor. Having a keen eye and disciplined approach for determining good projects versus bad is a valuable skill.
  • Leveraging PM Skills to Be an Executive
    This article explores some situations where project management skills provide a very sound skill base. These include opportunities to run small businesses, pieces of larger businesses or things outside the commercial sector such as opportunities in non-profit organizations and even volunteering.
  • Leveraging PM Skills to Be a Consultant
    Project management skills are broad and foundational. They can be leveraged in a wide variety of situations and in the private sector for-profit, non-profit, and public sector worlds.The consulting arena is a natural place for people with PM skills, for consulting is all about projects.
  • Cross-Certification: How Important is It?
    Individuals who obtain certifications primarily do so to be more valuable for the job market. This article shows, through case studies and through logic, that obtaining certifications will make one more valuable if the certifications show a knowledge of different (yet interrelated) knowledge areas.
  • Get Project Management Certified Without Going into Debt
    You may have looked into getting certified before, but shied away after viewing the price tag. But it is possible for you to get certified without spending a fortune. Find out how to get certified while saving yourself (and your company) money in the process.
  • Do I Need a Degree in Project Management?
    There are a number of colleges that offer Bachelor's or Master's degrees in Project Management. Is it worth your time to pursue a degree in this field?
  • Tips for Writing a Project Management Resume
    When is the last time you looked at your project management resume? Or, are you new to project management and need to write the perfect resume? Jean Scheid offers tips for writing a project management resume.
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