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  • Project Risk Management – and the Biggest Project Risk of All
    Not all risks are created equal. Indeed, some risks have a minor effect, and while others are complete deal breakers! However, one risk trumps them all…
  • Project Risk Management on Agile Projects
    Even on agile project, managing risks needs to be done proactively, but the process is different and requires a unique approach that differs from traditional waterfall projects.
  • The Scope of Project Risk Management
    The scope of project management touches virtually every aspect of the project. Don’t take it lightly! It is important to be through in examining all areas of the project for potentially hidden risks to avoid unwanted surprises!
  • Project Risk Management and the Risk Register
    You must manage risks throughout a project. To handle this ominous and all-important task, you need an effective organizing tool to help you track all project risks and related information – a risk register.
  • Using Excel to Make a Risk Assessment Template
    Every project plan needs a risk assessment and this risk assessment template created in Excel 2010 can make that job a little easier. Learn how to construct the risk assessment template using the following set of instructions, or download it for free in this article.
  • Making the Risk Assessment Process More Fluid: Use This Sample Form
    Risk assessment is a critical aspect of a project. Although difficult, it becomes manageable and easier when a form is used to identify, document and analyze the potential risks that may surface up during the project execution.
  • Is Your Project a Victim of Systematic Bias?
    Small biases exist within every person, project, or organization and can bring severe losses to a project. For example, the delay in the launch of the Airbus A380 aircraft cost Airbus a two year delay and 6 billion dollars! Learn how to avoid systematic biases in your decision making.
  • Creating a Risk Register: A Free Excel Template
    Upon completion of a risk management plan, you must create a master document known as a risk register. Get a review of what a risk register is and why it's important along with an easy-to-use Excel risk register template.
  • A Practical Approach to Creating a Risk Management Plan
    A good risk management plan is critical to cutting down on unexpected project risks. A strong plan can decrease problems on a project by as much as 80 to 90 percent. Follow this practical approach to creating an effective risk management plan.
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