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  • Be Agile with Your CRM Strategies
    Customer Relationship Management is an area that requires agility, as it is evolving rapidly and changing the competitive landscape. However, having agility related to your CRM efforts takes deliberate effort. This article outlines a deliberate approach to building agility into your CRM efforts.
  • Manage CRM Operations to Delight Customers
    It is critical to set up the right systems to support your strategic direction as relates to CRM. It is important to understand a variety of components of what your customers need and what your company needs in order to service them better than the competition.
  • Using CRM to Target and Acquire the Right Customers
    The internet and Big Data are enabling new and better ways of finding and obtaining customers. The key is to manage customer relationships by tapping into the “long tail” to serve ever-expanding market niches.
  • CRM Strategy for Profitable Project Portfolio Management
    Customer Relationship Management has become a critical strategic factor in recent times. What changes are occurring in the realm of CRM and how are they reshaping the competitive landscape? How can companies look at CRM as an opportunity for their particular business?
  • Accelerate By Projectizing Human Resource Initiatives
    Just as companies benefit from implementing principles and best practices to improve function, the HR department can also benefit. “Projectizing” your efforts turns them into manageable, well-executed projects.
  • Maximize Human Resources Tools and Systems
    Specialized tools and systems can help your HR initiatives hum. This article explores a few, but it does take strategic planning to decide what tools and systems will most benefit your HR organization and good solid project management on the initiatives once you swing into action.
  • Energize Human Resources Programs
    When you begin to view HR activities as projects, immediate benefits and efficiencies start. While these help, it becomes even more imperative to tie various projects together into programs. A cohesive HR strategy becomes front and center. All projects feed some aspect of your strategic HR thrust.
  • Sharpen Focus with Human Resources Projects
    Human Resources is a critical area for businesses, but how can you make the Human Resources function more impactful? One approach is to think about your activities as projects by focusing on using project management principles and best practices, starting with the smallest things.
  • Five Steps to Taking the Guesswork Out of Project Budgeting
    IT project budgeting is a necessary evil in every organization, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that traditional approaches aren’t incredibly effective. It is possible to make this challenging task better by breaking with tradition and thinking about budgeting differently.
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