Project Planning for PMs

Planning your project is the most important element of Project Management. In this topic find all the tips, articles and advice you need to bring your project from start to finish in the most efficient way possible. Read articles on setting goals, creating project deliverables, a schedule, a communication plan and all the other elements that go into bringing a project from concept to finished product.

Crowdfunded Real Estate as Passive Income for PMs

Real estate crowdfunding is an effective way for you, as a project manager, to consider generating an increasing amount of passive income to smooth your personal cash flow. In does come with risks…but there are ways to manage those, just as you do on projects, and the returns are quite attractive.

What Is Success in Project Management?

Why is it that some projects are more likely to succeed than others are? Does one have a good process and the other not? Is one just a good project…and the other not? Let’s explore how your vision of what project success is up front is critical.

Successfully Resourcing a Project

Having a properly resourced project can absolutely make the difference between project success and ultimate project failure. Indeed, inadequate resources can bring down even the most promising undertakings. Learn more about the importance of having adequate resources.

Defining Product Portfolio Management

This article investigates the application of portfolio management to a grouping of products, driving home the elements of portfolio management .The product strategy is the initial driver and portfolio management is the practice of executing that strategy for the specific grouping of products.

Managing a Portfolio of Businesses

This article investigates the application of portfolio management to a grouping of businesses, driving home what the elements of Portfolio Management are, examining whether a well-managed portfolio of businesses is more valuable than the sum of the value of each business.