Six Sigma

Will the Six Sigma business strategy work for you? Read more about this method that strives to reduce defects and improve quality. Whether you’re a newbie or a black belt, you’re sure to learn something from Bright Hub PMs collection of articles, tips and templates. Learn the different ways you can use Six Sigma to benefit your own company.

Behind the Pareto 80:20 Ratio: Quiz Your Quality Control Expertise

Vilfredo Pareto would not have dreamed that his observations related to the distribution of wealth in 19th century Italy were slated to become a project management and quality control tool. Do you know the basic tenets and their applications for modern day project management?

Project Manager’s Guide to Histograms

This comprehensive guide to histograms aims to help those who are still struggling with the logic and purpose of data presented as graphical charts. Find a compilation of resource materials accordingly aligned with the use of statistical analysis for quality improvement goals in project management.

Sample Block Diagram for Kaizen Events

A Kaizen event requires much planning and deliberation. A block diagram that provides a graphic illustration of the process allows for a more complete analysis and infuses quality and speed into the Kaizen process. Download a sample block diagram for Kaizen events.

A Look at 5S vs. 6S Methodology: Do American Workers Need 6S?

Somewhere along the line a few United States manufacturers have decided the 5S Methodology needs another element—safety. Proponents of the 5S method contend that safety is already an element so why fix what’s not broken? Here, Jean Scheid takes a look at adding the safety step making it 6S.

Free Example of a Voice of the Customer Survey

Using voice of the customer (VOC) surveys can help discover product defects, customer service issues and the experience and wants of the customer. Here, Jean Scheid offers up an example of a voice of the customer survey with a free download.

The Multivoting Technique Explained

What’s the best technique to make collaborative decisions when the list of propositions is long and team members have differing opinions? The multivoting technique is the answer. Read on to find out how…

Voice of the Customer Techniques and Tools

Do you listen to or survey your customers? Or, are you so sure your product or service is so awesome it can entice all on its own? If the latter, it’s time to visit the voice of the customer (VOC) and utilize techniques to improve profits.

Data Sampling Techniques Used in Market Research

If you want to learn about the different sampling techniques used for data collection here is an article that elaborates upon probability as well as non-probability sampling techniques. Read on to learn more about these different techniques.

Understanding Kano Model Usages in Six Sigma

In Six Sigma projects, to minimize defects and also maximize end-user satisfaction, often Kano Model usage is a way to combine quality-function-deployment (QFD) tools and chart them using a Kano analysis to improve the product. Find out how to use the Kano Model in your Six Sigma projects.