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  • Why Six Sigma Metrics are Better
    Are Six Sigma Metrics really better than other systems of measuring productivity, profit, and quality? Learn why many companies believe in the superiority of Six Sigma.
  • Should This Be a Six Sigma DMAIC Project?
    What makes for a good Six Sigma process improvement project? Should all business problems be addressed using the DMAIC methodology? Here are some tips to help you make the right decision about whether to charter a DMAIC project to address a specific problem in your business processes and results.
  • DMAIC Phase 5: Control
    In the fifth article in this series, you'll learn about the DMAIC Control phase. Key components of this phase include standardizing and documenting the new process, training and creating a plan to monitor the process. Tools include control charts, process maps and monitoring plans.
  • The Pareto Principle and Its Application in Six Sigma
    A Pareto chart is a very popular Six Sigma tool. It is a special type of histogram that allows business leaders to determine if the Pareto Principle applies. Learn about the principle and how it applies to Six Sigma DMAIC projects and process management.
  • What Is Your Six Sigma IQ? Quiz Yourself Here
    Six Sigma is a widely used project management methodology but how strong is your Six Sigma knowledge? Here, we challenge you to test that knowledge with this quick quiz. You'll also find lots of tips and resources at the end of the quiz.
  • Project Manager Guide: Control Charts and Tools
    If control tools are indeed the skeleton of a successful project, proper applications of their data are the tendons that hold everything together. Learn now how to measure risks, fluctuation changes and defects for maximum impact on your business -- and future projects.
  • Are You a Pareto Pro? Take This Pareto Analysis Quiz and Find Out
    Vilfredo Pareto would not have dreamed that his observations related to the distribution of wealth in 19th century Italy were slated to become a project management and quality control tool. Do you know the basic tenets and their applications for modern day project management?
  • Histograms Guide: Project Manager's Tools for Quality Improvement
    This comprehensive guide to histograms aims to help those who are still struggling with the logic and purpose of data presented as graphical charts. Find a compilation of resource materials accordingly aligned with the use of statistical analysis for quality improvement goals in project management.
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Six Sigma Methodology
    Do you use Six Sigma or is it your ultimate desire to learn more about this methodology? If so, here Bright Hub offers up the very best collection of posts, guides and how-tos on Six Sigma, the tools behind it and becoming certified. So, dig in and starting learning!
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