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  • Organizational Culture: Enduring Values
    Values must be something that will enable the organization to be successful, to those they serve, to those that work there, to those that own it and to the communities where it exists. In other words, it needs to seek out enduring values that will stand the test of time.
  • Organizational Culture: Functional
    Many organizations build their cultures around the strength of certain functions within their organizations. These dominant drivers can often show up at the core of the organization’s culture. This article examines the influence of business function or organizational culture.
  • Organizational Culture: Popular Today
    While it is important to have values at the core of an organization’s culture, they must truly speak to who the organization is and wants to be – now and into the future. This article examines the potential shortcomings of focusing on only the most popular values in the present.
  • Organizational Culture: Personality
    Culture within an organization, like differences among people, is characterized in large part by personality. This article reviews several personality types, how they can characterize an organization’s culture and how personality fits among other factors influencing organization culture.
  • PM Guidepost: When in Doubt, Take Action
    Minor changes in thinking can go a long way – and so it is with the idea of having a bias for action. The idea of this article is to keep moving, to always be acting. In the face of decisions and uncertainty, the victor is always the one who is moving in some way.
  • PM Guidepost: Success Comes in Spurts
    In his book “The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference,” Malcolm Gladwell beautifully illustrates how success comes in spurts. Indeed, whether moving a large rock or popping popcorn or making money, consistent effort is critical – but we should not expect consistent results.
  • PM Guidepost: Adversity is Adventure
    Adversity is a fact of life. We never quite know when it will come but we know that eventually it will. As project managers, we can monitor risks but there may also come a risk situation where we need to plough through with all the ingenuity, skills, and determination that we have.
  • PM Guidepost: Stuff Not Fluff
    Today we are bombarded with more distractions than ever. We must reconcile with the fact that lots of folks are completing for our eyeballs, our time and our attention. And it’s not just others. A simple phrase such as “stuff not fluff” can help us to get back on track.
  • PM Thinking Traps: "Because" Justification
    The skill of persuasion is a key tool in a project manager’s tool belt. Learn a counterintuitive trick – uncomfortable to put into practice and yet proven and very powerful!
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