Resources For Agile Project Management Training

Resources For Agile Project Management Training
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Is Agile Right for Your Projects?

The Agile Methodology is an effective approach for many projects. Put in the simplest of ways, Agile uses team sprints and iterations that are analyzed and passed on to the next team until project completion.

Onsite Training Options

Most onsite agile project management training comes in the form of a seminar or workshop environment lasting a few days. Here are some top choices:

  • Agile Raven - Scott Griffin, founder of Agile Raven, offers two-day Agile seminars in various locations. Course study is explained as “equipping you with the most popular Agile techniques.” The course outline includes introduction to Agile, Lean Thinking, Scrum 101, and Agile Leadership Skills. Classes are often discounted and if you don’t find a class near you, use the “request a class” tab and make sure to look for group discounts.

  • Agile University - Agile management seminars are available around the US in select cities. From Agile essentials to leadership to Scrum Master certified training, Agile University has a little of everything Agile. Search for courses by region or click on monthly calendars to find a class near you.

  • Scrum Training Institute - This institute offers classes all over the world in Agile Management including Scrum Master certifications and Lean. Select your location on the map from their homepage to find and register for upcoming classes near you.

Agile Project Management Training – Online

You can also explore the world of Agile project management training online. Here are a few online sites to help:

  • NobleProg - This UK distance-learning site offers a multitude of online Agile Management classes. Classes are geared for beginners to experts in every field of project management. Explore sprint planning, burn down charts, and group online exercises.

  • Rally Software - This organization offers both onsite and online Agile Management Courses through web technology seminars. Learn how to implement the Agile team or get an Agile team tune-up.

  • ASPE - Choose from both onsite and virtual courses in Agile Project Management. Both individual and group rates are offered to explore Agile estimating techniques and leading Agile teams.

Agile Project Management Training – Software

If you have a basic knowledge of Agile Management and need the right software tools to get your projects rolling, here are a few Agile software opportunities:

  • TargetProcess - This software helps you to customize, plan, and track the progress of your Agile projects. Download a free demo and read their product blog to see if this software meets your Agile needs.

  • Serena Agile - This software claims it was “created from the inventors of Scrum.” An Agile expert is always available for questions and tips and up to five users are free with one download. Start with the free demo first.

PMI Options

Along with the online, offsite, and agile management software listed here, the Project Management Institute (PMI) offers a plethora of courses both online and off including webinars and white papers. Members of PMI receive discounts for all Agile project management training offered.