Sources for Project Management Certification Training

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Introduction to Project Management Training

As more and more organizations move toward a project-central structure, the need for project management skills is now more pertinent than ever. This urgent need applies not only to project managers but to anyone involved in projects. Regardless of your role in a project or in an organization, by practicing project management skills you can give your career a major boost. Training in project management is a necessity.

For simplicity, I have categorized the top 10 sources of project management training into three main delivery mediums: Podacst project management training, Online project management training, and Traditional Classroom project management training.

Podcast Project Management Training

In this source, the project management training material is delivered via audio files that are played on an MP3 player. In this type of training, you aren’t being given an opportunity to practice. It is, therefore, least effective for people new to project management. However, for a seasoned project manager who just wants to keep in touch with the latest trends and techniques or if you want to refresh your memory, podcasts are a great way to utilize your time. After all you can listen to the podcast at anytime and anywhere, with minimal equipment. Personally, I use podcasts as a source for project management training while traveling.

Some great project management training podcasts that you might want to hear are:

  1. PM War Stories

  2. PM411Project Management Podcast

Recommendation: Use podcasts as a means to stay abreast of the latest industry news or to refresh your memory on concepts. I do not recommend podcasts as the sole training medium. Use it as an additional element in your project management training plan.

Online Project Management Training

Online training comes in two flavors, asynchronous project management training and synchronous project management certification training. Asynchronous web-based training is passive and hence you are provided with an online course with all the meat, but with no additional support. In synchronous learning, tools like WebEx are used to create a virtual classroom, which is then delivered by an expert.

When opting for an asynchronous project management training, make sure you first try it out. For an asynchronous course to be engaging, it needs to have high levels of interactivity. If you try the demo and you aren’t bored, then go ahead and purchase it. There are too many boring online courses on the Web nowadays and most aren’t really worth the money.

Some asynchronous sources for project management certification training that you should try out are:

  1. ElementK
  1. Boston University

Recommendation: ElementK’s Skillsoft has a marvelous PM Challenger series, which is definitely worth the money. The series contains situational problems that project managers face in the field.

When opting for a synchronous online course, make sure the expert delivering the session is indeed an expert. In addition, if you are preparing for a certification, such as PMP or Prince2, make sure you get support past the live session. There are some vendors who will provide support until you have attained the certification. Ensure you ask for a demo before purchasing the package.

Some synchronous courses that you can use as sources for project management training are:

  1. Global Knowledge
  1. NIIT

Traditional Classroom Project Management Training

The points listed in the synchronous online course section also apply to traditional classrooms. Traditional classroom sessions are effective and the most expensive. The problem with traditional classroom sessions is that there is no way to revisit the session. Asynchronous and Synchronous learning sessions trump in this department.

Some well known, global vendors that are sources for project management certification training delivered as classroom courses are:

  1. ESI International: Offers both traditional classroom and online project management training courses.

  2. LearningTree International: Offers both traditional classroom and online project management training courses.

  1. Cheetah Learning: Has a tremendous pass rate for PMP aspirants

Find a Coach/Mentor!

One of the best ways to get project management training is by creating a study group and hiring a coach. Creating a study group is a relatively easy exercise and learning among peers is usually fun. Finding a good coach or mentor, on the other hand, can be much more challenging and expensive. However, a coach can go a very long way in ensuring that you correctly apply project management principles. Consult a specialized project management coaching or mentoring agency.

  1. Guarantees certification success.