Project Management Governance is Vital

Project Management Governance is Vital
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Project Management Governance

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Project management governance is one of the processes necessary to ensure the successful completion of any project. It plays an active role rather than just a controlling one and prevents failures that are quite often a result of managements being uncommitted to the progress and requirements of a project.

Project management governance will outline the connections and dependencies between all the teams associated with the project, whether they may be internal ones or external ones. It will also set up the information flows necessary so that all concerned stakeholders are always up to date on the project, its progress and other parameters. The project management governance team will ensure that the project is reviewed and all issues concerning the project are kept in mind at all times. It will also concern itself with any approvals, finance and directions that are needed to keep the project on its path of successful completion.The control group set up to ensure project management governance will normally be set up by the implementing agencies or other participants to ensure that the project is completed in the required timeframe, budget and to the standards specified by the clients. The control group will also ensure that the all aspects of the project follow the original brief given and would also discus with the stakeholders if any changes are required therein**.**

Roles of project management governance groups

  • · Establishing the standards for all processes and the methods to evaluate and measure progress and quality.
  • · Defining accountabilities of various teams and defining their roles.
  • · Ensuring all project proposals make optimum use of the funds and resources allotted to the project.
  • · Enable the proper distribution of resources and manpower to see that each part of the project is completed as desired.
  • · Controlling of all funds and contingencies needed for the project.
  • · Monitor the progress of the project, measure outputs against those planned and be alert to any indications of failure.
  • · Develop the organization implementing the project by the addition of skills or training to ensure maximum benefit to the project.

project control

To ensure that the designated project management governance group performs all these roles it would need to initially establish the objects of the project and its objectives would have to be co-related to the requirements of the stakeholders of the project. The group will have to establish the proper communication wit the concerned stakeholders so that they are kept in the loop at all times. All specifications would have to be clearly defined and agreed upon, and any changes to them will have to be done in conjunction with the stakeholders. Reporting systems would have to be agreed on and the periodicity of these clearly established. A project manager would have to be appointed and roles and responsibilities clearly defined. Risk management would have to be clearly recorded and the process to analyze problems and managing their solutions would need to be established. Quality reviews would have to be frequent to ensure the necessary standards through out the life of the project.