Microsoft Great Plains for Project Management

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MS Great Plains

MS Great Plains, also called Microsoft Dynamics GP, is a software suite that provides various tools and techniques for accounting, project management and other business purposes. Multiple “modules” provide benefits for analyzing, tracking and reporting financially and in terms of business developments. Some specific aspects of this software program help with tracking a project through its “life cycle”.

Inventory Control

MS Great Plains features include tools for handling an inventory either short terms or long term. End-of-year features help with “special event” stock assessment, while other stock tracking features help provide an up-to-date view of anything that project managers have sitting in a warehouse. Bill of Materials, Purchase Order Processing, and Customized Invoicing are just some of the other tasks that you can do with MS Great Plains software.

Reports and Analysis

Another big factor in project management is allowing responsible managers to provide quick, accurate snapshots of progress to those holding the purse strings, while providing for complete documentation post-process. For this kind of work, MS Great Plains provides Crystal Reports compatibility, features for creating and modifying Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings, and Statement of Cash Flows documentation, and a Report Scheduler for setting up timely reporting.

Other features assist in international management, such as “Enhanced Intrastat” that collects statistics on the trade of goods between countries of the European Union. A VAT Daybook provides more on accounting for E.U. nations.

All of this and more advanced financial analysis can add up to a quicker, leaner implementation, whether you’re operating domestically or “across the sea.” Collaborative tools for trans-Atlantic business is just part of what MS Great Plains offers top performers in project management.

Microsoft Great Plains Help

There’s a lot of help available for MS Great Plains, including direct assistance from the MS web site. Find detailed guides and manuals for every part of this versatile software system. Or go to independent MS forums like MapForums where developers and users talk about what makes MS Great Plains tick. Use the power of the web to get the resources you need to integrate these solutions into your management system. And remember, your tools are only as good as their uses, so be sure you have every T crossed and every I dotted to go boldly into the future for conquering tough projects!