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A Review of Teamwork Project Management Software

written by: Finn Orfano • edited by: Marlene Gundlach • updated: 3/13/2013

Team work is a new age web-based project integration software needed for effective collaboration and efficient project communication among team members. Managers as well as team members and clients will be better able to work together productively.

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    Overall Setup

    Teamwork Project Manager may be defined as a software application that helps the project manager, team members, and clients to work (untitled) together in a coordinated manner. Teamwork Project Manager is a simple web application that the user can easily host without any external help. The data will remain safe and can be accessed from anywhere.

    The Teamwork PM has the distinct facility to provide either total or selective access to team members, project employees, and customers. It is also possible to provide access – either fully or partially - to any outside contractor who is connected to the project.

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    Data Security and Communication

    To make the coordination meaningful, all users can interact with one another, send messages, share files and folders, manage documents, and monitor the progress of the project. This feature is an obvious and immense help for self-employed persons, professional consultants, and other freelancers who need to be constantly in touch with clients. The data is not only stored on secure servers but also backed up twice daily with password security. There is SSL security, which is a highly rated security meant for credit card safety and bank websites. There is a register to write down the types of risks and the likely damage and the list can be downloaded in PDF format. This is a unique feature not found in similar software applications including Basecamp.

    Apart from this, Teamwork PM has all the standard features common to all web-based project management software including constant monitoring, task lists and messaging, time logging, file sharing and storage, and an email integration facility.

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    Other Features and Pricing

    It's important to recognize that there are features exclusive to Teamwork PM, like access to unlimited team members, contractors, and other related project employees. The built-in risk register is a user-friendly method asking the user to post a list of project-centric problems. This remarkable software will make it easy for team members and clients to remain watchful about possible threats to a project. Other than the provision for email integration with alerts, the comments by members will get attached to the message board.

    The cost of Teamwork PM is reasonable and, as a matter of fact, the first two projects are available free. Pricing thereafter is based on a slab system. This software has received wholesome praise from most users.

    A few years back some users complained about a lack of speed, with pages loading slowly, for example. It seems the company has rectified this, so if you tried Teamwork PM a while ago give it another try.

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