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A Review of Project-Network: A Technology Partnership

written by: Finn Orfano • edited by: Marlene Gundlach • updated: 3/22/2013

Project-Network is an effectively designed and tested project management tool that provides solutions to a number of business-centric problems. Read the review of Project-Network here and get to know what functionalities and features make it different from other project management software.

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    A Great Project Management Tool

    The Project-Network project management tool is the brainchild of a group of experienced project managers as well as technical specialists who effectively contribute to the success of your business venture. Developed by an actively talented group of different personalities, the Project-Network project management tool lets your business thrive with a wide range of updated technologies and practices.Project Network 

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    Featured Services

    Virtualization Sometimes the big vendors are known to fail miserably with their complex offerings. It is here that the Project-Network solutions come into picture. With their expertise in a wide range of technologies, they simply adopt a holistic approach to stipulate real-world solutions for your business. They also highlight and monitor different areas of your enterprise through various evaluation plans and Test and Design methodologies. This in turn lets you enjoy the benefits of abridged infrastructure costs, enhanced flexibility and higher accessibility, and lower energy consumption, keeping in pace with your budget and requirements.

    Storage – Some of the prominent storage services that are offered by Project-Network are installation, solution architecture, optimization, layered applications, health check services, and data migration.

    EducationProject-Network not only recognizes the significance of ICT delivery but also supports the development and transformation that takes place when a new solution or system is implemented. It also creates a great learning environment that is often referred to as blended learning, and in this learning system (delivered by Project-Network), you not only get the benefits of classroom teaching but also realize the importance of computer-based teaching in its exclusive ICT system. This in turn ensures the maximization of the potential of the staff members and students.

    SME ServicesProject-Network also takes pride in offering world-class and affordable IT services that are tailored to benefit the small- and medium-scale businesses. The approach that is adopted by them easily transforms IT services into utility and allows you to focus on your business. The SME services of Project-Network ranges from service desk support to core Help Desk.

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    Technical Consultancy

    Project-Network brings you a wide range of technical services that also include a broad range of disciplines across a diverse customer base. The highly experienced staff understands the complex business requirements exceptionally well and then blends it with thorough technical expertise to deliver accurate and cost-effective solutions.

    They also believe in being vendor agnostic in their approach and provide solutions without any preconceived bias. They also continuously strive to multiply the efficiency level and overall value of your business. Project-Network offers you some of the best solutions in design, implementation, and management services in the form of infrastructure, client computers, enterprise systems management, and mail and messaging.

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    Policies and Procedures

    Project Network has also come up with various policies and procedures, such as its Environmental Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy, Health and Safety Handbook, and Health and Safety for Client-Based Staff to protect the needs and interests of their staffs and customers.

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    The Verdict

    Project-Network is known to bring quick-fix solutions to those projects that have been running off track. It has managed to build its reputation by first effectively providing solutions and then taking over projects to work on right from the scratch. So what are you waiting for? Get your business some much-needed expertise with Project-Network.

    Visit Project-Network Website for Pricing Info and other details.

    Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons