Free Team Action Plan Template: Download and Customize for Your Projects

Free Team Action Plan Template: Download and Customize for Your Projects
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Having a team action plan in place, before embarking on a project, ensures that all the team members are well aware of their role and make well coordinated efforts towards the accomplishment of the goals. Here is a link to a team action plan template that can be used to update all the team members with some pertinent information like - what is to be done, by whom, when, how and what will be the likely outcome.

A team’s performance and success depends on how focused the team’s efforts are towards achieving the desired targets, and a properly laid out action plan is the most effective way of channeling and synchronizing the efforts of all the team members in the right direction. So here’s more on how to make a team action plan.

The Groundwork for Developing a Team Action Plan

In order to prepare a proper action plan for your team, here are some pointers on the information you need to collect.

  • Goals and Objectives: All team members must actively discuss and enumerate the goals or objectives to be achieved. The final list of goals must be arrived at through a consensus view of all the team members. Each of the goals on the list must be realistic, achievable, and measurable.
  • Once the list of goals is in hand, the next thing to work on is the list of activities or actions and the resources that are needed to achieve each of the goals. While there can be many ways to accomplish the same goal – the focus here should be on tracing out an activity path that is most apt, practical and that ensures optimum use of resources.
  • The next obvious step is to assign responsibilities and set up a proper time schedule for the execution of all the identified activities.

With all this information in place it’s time to present it all in a more organized manner using the template for an action plan.

Using the Team Action Plan Template:

Here is a list of the information fields that the user is required to fill into the template:

  1. Goal Statement: Here both the overall goal and the list of sub-goals must be written down in a crisp, legible and easily understandable style.

  2. Outcome: This field should show what end results are to be achieved.

  3. Team Members: The names of all the team members.

  4. Members to be recruited: If any additional members need to be recruited at any point during the project execution their

    names can be entered into this field as and when required.

  5. The lower half of the template requires specific information for each of the activities or actions on the ‘to-do’ list. The list of actions or activities can be made in a chronological sequence based on their start date. In addition to the details about the actions to be carried out and their respective start and completion dates, the names of the persons responsible for execution of the actions and the list of resources that will be used must be mentioned alongside in the fields provided for the same.

Setting up a Review Schedule for the Action Plan:

The job of preparing a team action plan does not end at this; setting up a review schedule is another task that must be done in order to ensure proper compliance with the action plan. Periodic meetings should be held to review the progress and to resolve issues that may crop up during the plan execution. Ideally meetings should be scheduled on the completion dates of the activities, but if the activity has been successfully completed without any problems and as per schedule the review meetings can be avoided.

Screenshots Taken by: Sidharth Thakur