What is the Value of CAPM Certification? Become a Certified Associate in Project Management

What is the Value of CAPM Certification? Become a Certified Associate in Project Management
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The Value of CAPM

Obtaining a CAPM from the Project Management Institute covers all the fundamental knowledge and processes you’ll need for effective project management. The textbook for this class is A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

How do I Complete the Degree?

PMI lists the basic steps of obtaining a CAPM this way:

You must be in a position where you contribute to a team project; have a high-school diploma or equivalency and have 23 hours in project management education or 1,500 hours on team experience. With these prerequisites in place, you’ll then need to complete the application process, pass a multiple choice 150 question exam and commit to a re-exam in five years.

The cost for PMI members is only $225.00. Joining PMI is free and is beneficial for any project manager; especially when you consider the benefits. Some of the benefits include being first to receive news on upcoming e-seminars, project management news and finally, joining an organization that has over 265,000 members located in 170 countries.

With the promise of PMI to be a “global” project management community, where all members speak the same language, it’s hard not to jump on board to ensure you stay tops in your field.

How To Apply

If you’re interested in PMI’s CAPM credential you should hold a position of project manager, project sponsor, facilitator, liaison, or coordinator. Candidates in the project management field should be responsible for team tasking and project managing in all areas of business no matter what industry. You can apply on line at https://www.pmi.org and view the CAPM Handbook, view or print application forms, and see some CAPM example test questions.

Some topics covered in the CAPM credential program include interpersonal skills and how to master all areas of procurement, budgeting, team and project analysis. Once your submit your online application and meet the eligibility requirements, you’ll receive a notice that you have been accepted and begin the program to receive your CAPM certification.

School and work history hours must be documented and PMI offers a great handbook to help you prepare for the allotted three hours 150 question test. The course study text is the guide to PMBOK as mentioned above and is not included in the $225 fee, albeit a great reference solution text for any project manager.

Project Management Lingo Bingo by Popartinc.

Project management is often more complicated than one may think. Knowing how to use your team, budget, and project goals to achieve success is more than just meeting a deadline. Creative and quality project managers will improve their skills with PMI’s certification program and can become certified in other project management areas as well to stay informed.

Best of all, because PMI is global (even if you aren’t), you will be able to connect with PMI members in your area of expertise to share ideas and network. With our world at an all time global level, achieving personal goals is needed to compete in the project management world.

Take a look at what PMI has to offer today.