A Green PMP Can Help the Environment

A Green PMP Can Help the Environment
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Green PMP

Project management professionals or PMPs are becoming increasingly aware that ‘going green’ is no more just a slogan, but has become an imperative need for all projects that they may be concerned with. It is immaterial whether the project concerns a large civil engineering structure, a software development or any other project that requires coordination of a number of activities to reach a specific target; but every project has the possibility of being executed through green project management.

All projects go through a similar process during their management and the PMP should be aware that green project management can be applied to every aspect of a project. The process broadly includes initiation of the project, planning the broad parameters for the project, executing the project, monitoring and controlling of the project and then finally closing the project to the satisfaction of the clients or owners of the project.

Green PMP Initiating

Even while initiating the project, green aspects like saving on stationery while preparing the Project Initiation Document can be practiced. The scope of the project gives ample room for planning green aspects, and the PMP can examine whether the required scope falls within environmental norms. While planning the project organization, location of the offices and staffing can be done in such a way as to reduce travel times so that the carbon footprint is reduced. Even while preparing the business case proper care needs to be given to social and other aspects of the project and not just the financial angle. Constraints on a project must include costs or other restrictions caused by environmental factors.

Green PMP Planning

While planning a project a green aware PMP would examine every aspect of the planning to see that it follows the required green standards. Recycling, water usage, reducing transport requirements and other such activities that could have a carbon footprint need to be looked at. By merely linking up various project offices and depending on communication devices can reduce the need for staff to travel and also probably a need for documentation. Green PMP can be enhanced if the standards laid down in ISO 14000 are made part of the planning process.

Green PMP Execution

Throughout the execution part of a project, the green PMP would keep strict control over his usage of resources and ensure that wastage is kept to a minimum. For this he must be in constant touch with all the stakeholders of the project and always consider the green impact of the project, while giving the social and financial aspects of the project an equal importance.The value of a green project must be stressed at all times.

Green PMP Monitoring and Controlling

Monitoring and controlling a project requires a lot of reports to be prepared and a good PMP would ensure that these reports are comprehensive without being repetitive. Recycling, water and electricity usage, stationery and other carbon footprints would be constantly monitored to ensure green norms. Machineries should be properly maintained and utilized. Wastage would be constantly reviewed. Housekeeping activities need to be part of the items being monitored so that wastage is controlled.

Green PMP Closing of a Project

Closing a project requires it to be handed to the client with all the necessary documentation. This must be complete without being duplicated. Proper cross referencing of documents can save repetitions while rendering the document usable. Every contract needs to be closed out and final payments made to the satisfaction of the contractor and the client.