Where to Find Free PRINCE2 Foundation Sample Test Questions

Where to Find Free PRINCE2 Foundation Sample Test Questions
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What Is PRINCE2?

According to the PRINCE2 website, PRINCE2 or PRojects IN Ccontrolled Environments is a “de facto standard used extensively by the UK Government and is widely recognized and used in the private sector, both in the UK and Internationally."

Like the Project Management Institute (PMI) both organizations offer teachings and guidance on project management best practices along with membership and networking benefits and those all-important certification tests such as the PRINCE 2 Foundation Test.

PRINCE2 concepts include business justification, organized structural project management teams, product or process-based planning, effective and manageable project stages, and flexibility components designed for each project in order to be successful.

Here on Bright Hub, you can also find out more information on PRINCE2 Project Management Software in an article by Ronda Levine.

If you’re studying for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, where can you find PRINCE2 Foundation sample tests to help you get a jump start on the exam?

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Free PRINCE2 Foundation Test Resources

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If you perform a web search on sample tests for the PRINCE2 test, you’ll find many hits, most of them from the PRINCE2 Foundation website. There are also a number of companies that offer training and sample tests—for a fee.

Beyond focused training and networking with successful test takers, here are some websites that offer PRINCE2 Foundation sample tests:

  • AFA Project Management Consultancy & Training – This Company provides a .pdf file download of 25 sample questions in all areas of the PRINCE2 management methodology. They also provide an additional download for answers and scoring for this multiple choice test exam. The website also provides information PRINCE2 process models, cross referencing, and many tips on this project management methodology.
  • PRINCE2 Techno Realism – Here you’ll find 75 PRINCE 2 Foundation sample test questions, although you won’t get the answers. The test itself is comprised of 75 questions that explore all the elements of the methodology in a multiple choice format. This questions provided on this website are a good tool to help you focus on your certification.
  • PRINCE2 Mini Quiz – You can also download a PRINCE2 mini quiz from the foundation’s download page. You do have to register for a free account and the PRINCE 2 sample mini test questions are in a .zip file format that does require Flash Player.
  • PM Tools – While this website doesn’t offer free PRINCE2 Foundation sample test questions, you can pay just $15 to take a sample test. You’ll also get a breakdown on the number of questions for each management methodology area and how many correct answers you must have to pass the exam. Once you pay the fee, you are given a password to view the test with scoring results.

Beyond these three websites, the PRINCE2 Foundation also offers e-learning demos that consist of 8 sessions to help you better understand this methodology.

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