Change Management Tools: The Latest Software Technology to Assist You

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Enterprise 7

Now that you know what change management is, you should know about the available tools that you can use to help make your plan a success. Change management methodology nowadays has to deal with the issues of organizations that exist in very interdependent situations.

While change is never easy, programs that only account for change and minor implementation are not enough. Luckily, several companies have released newer versions of already popular software programs to help you handle any changes that may arise.

Enterprise 7 from Tripwire is one of these programs. Enterprise 7 helps you create policies for your organization as you transition to your new program or system. This program also helps you integrate your databases, automate your assessment structure, and virtually visualize your change management strategy.

For any successful business, you need a complete and useable set of polices. Enterprise 7 offers you the capability to incorporate applicable policies into your change management plan. You should set your policies early in the process and stick with them.


In addition to Enterprise 7, Solidcore has combined with Opsware to provide consumers with a comprehensive software suite. Solidcore specializes in helping you automate your change management procedures. This software will allow you and other users to control of all the changes to your server.

Opsware enables you to centrally handle all your changes, making it easier to institute your change management policies. This software helps you deal with both the human and technical side of change. So, in conjunction, these two software programs will increase your control of the entire process.


Another program that alleviates the impact of change management on the whole organization is the UK’s IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). ITIL is a comprehensive tool for change management. This program emphasizes the need for a good set of policies before you start instituting a change management plan for your organization.

ITIL is a much more integrated solution for clients. It deals with both the network issues and the organizational policies as a whole. You can use ITIL in conjunction with Solidcore to make for an enhanced change management solution for your organization.

Whatever system on which you decide to use, you should always create organizational policies and persist with these policies. Your success will be greater.

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