Top 10 Change Management Comics

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Whether you need to liven up a presentation or you just need some humor after that long board meeting, project management comics can liven up your day. Change management comics can do the same thing, but even better when it’s been a long and grueling task to execute a change management project. What are the best comics on change management?

1. Dilbert

Here he is again, that lovable cubical dweller, Dilbert. While Dilbert does not always deal with change management directly, when he does, it is funny. Dilbert is a character that many can relate to (and many are familiar with). Inserting him into a presentation can cause a few chuckles to be emitted from your audience.

2. Arbit Choudhury

Ardbit Choudhury is a comic strip dedicated to change management inside jokes. These comics, specifically geared towards those in software and IT, will draw a laugh if you are talking about IT change management or software change management issues.

3. Randy Glasbergen

Randy Glasbergen designs one-page comics on a variety of topics. While he isn’t dedicated solely to change management comics, there are a few great one-pane comics that can be used in your next meeting.

4. Cartoon Resource

Cartoon Resource is another great place to find cartoons on change management. Like Randy Glasbergen, the artists here utilize witty one-liners to make readers and viewers giggle over funny change management situations.

5. Cartoon Stock

Cartoon Stock is another multi-artist one-pane showcase of change management (and other types of business situations) cartoons. Here you’ll find change management cartoons reminiscent of the Bizzaro or Non Sequitur cartoons that appear in the daily paper.

6. Andertoons

If sarcasm is your preferred type of humor, you’ll like the change management cartoons available at Andertoons. These cartoons are witty and original - and they are downloadable for a price. If you enjoy sarcastic and biting remarks, and the black and white style of drawing, you’ll get a kick out of these.

7. Tree Swing

One classic project management and change management cartoon is the familiar tree swing at Project Cartoons. This comic allows users to read and create alike, thus allowing them to vent frustrations with the change management process.

8. Funny Sales Cartoons

Every once in a while, the creators at Funny Sales Cartoons come up with a comic on change management. It’s worth checking here from time to time for just that right funny to fit your comedic needs.

9. Ted Goff

Ted Goff has some blunt, frank cartoons dealing with change management on his business cartoon website. If you or your intended audience enjoy this sort of humor, he’s definitely worth checking out.

10. Grantland

The final change management cartoon making this list is Grantland. Look to this comic strip to poke fun at a variety of change management practices. This comic is always good for getting me to crack a smile!