The Effect of Values on Organizational Culture

The Effect of Values on Organizational Culture
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Any successful organization over a longer period adheres to certain values that pass the test of time – that are enduring values. Here are a few for starters.

Commitment to Mission

In addition to a clearly articulated mission, everyone in the organization needs to be committed to it.


Things change over time. Products become outdated and needs change. Methods of delivering products and services evolve with technology. The ability to adapt to changes and even to effect some changes is a key cultural component for successful enterprises.

Relationships to Customers

Any company that does not value and build upon its relationships with customers will not last long. Thus, a key enduring cultural value is to constantly be working to build and improve relationships with customers.

Relationships to Employees

Having everyone in the company align behind a value-based culture is impossible is strong and productive relationships with employees do not exist as a core, enduring element of the corporate culture.

Respect For Past, Present and Future

As times change and the organization needs to be adaptable, it also needs to respect and honor what it was, be proud of what it is, and constantly seek to evolve into the best version of what it can be. Especially with a long-term work force and customer base, all three of these elements will be important.

There are so many possible enduring values, and they will often stem from what the company values in terms of personality, business function and other key values. The trick is to define these values in ways that are enduring and will stand the test of time.

What do you think? What kinds of projects do you think align most closely with the Facebook’s mission statement, and which not?

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