PM and the Spirit of Giving: Someone Specific in Your Network

PM and the Spirit of Giving:  Someone Specific in Your Network
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It feels great when your presentation is beginning to come together and look…’presentable’.  But it won’t be done until you have done some substantial rehearsal, going through all of the materials in order.  You may find that certain parts don’t flow as well as you thought…and you need to make some changes. You may find that your explanations of the slides need to be honed a bit…to make them flow better to communicate the ideas and complement the visuals.  You also may find that you need to get yourself away from the detail of building the slides…to take a fresh perspective on the material to be presented…and even get some last minute feedback from your team. Indeed, you’re not ready until you have finalized with everyone…and sufficiently rehearsed the presentation. 

This is the fourth of a series of four articles on “PM and the Spirit of Giving”, where we explore just a few of the opportunities a project manager has to express the spirit of giving in his/her professional life.  This article, Part 4 in the series, “Someone Specific in Your Network”, encourages you to take a look outside your current job at your professional network for a special way to express the spirit of giving. Part 1, “Focused Attention to a Team Member”, looks at opportunities to take advantage of the holiday spirit to try and build a better relationship with a team member.  Part 2, “An Extra Mile for the Customer,” looks at ways that you, as a project manager, can do a little extra something to build a stronger professional relationship with your customer. Part 3, “Special Appreciation for a Vendor,” raises the idea of expressing the holiday spirit with an often underappreciated supplier or service provider.  

**Here are four situations where that may speak to an opportunity to reach out and give to someone in your network.

  1. Gives a Lot to Others:  There are some people who just give and give.  It’s the way they are, and they just stand out all through the year.  Rather than just watch these efforts go by, as is easy to do, whey not reach out and show some real appreciation.  Even though they may not have actually done anything specific for you, they could really appreciate the recognition and boost!
  2. Struggling with Career Footing:  Some people are struggling with their career:  looking for a new direction, downsizing, industry shifts, changing markets, advancing technology, a sudden change in fortunes…  Everyone has something to offer…but people often need help to see themselves in a different perspective, to connect with others who can help, and even to connect with opportunities.  In the spirit of holiday giving, this can be you.
  3. On Their Way Up:  Lots of people are building their careers…and looking to network and expand their connections.  Someone could be a great match for a company that wants to expand, move into a new geography, or add more talent to propel the business ahead.  In the holiday spirit, use your connections to benefit others on their way up where you can.
  4. Personal Challenges:  People all around us are going through things:  health issues, care of a sick child or aging parent, stretching the budget to put kids through school…  At minimum, in the spirit of holiday giving, you can offer encouragement. Depending on where you are, what connections you have, what money you have, and what insights you have, you may be able to do much more.

Can you think of anyone in your network to whom you might reach out to help in some way at this time?

This Post is Part of the Series: PM and the Spirit of Giving

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