Free Project Feedback Form Template

Free Project Feedback Form Template
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It is not just professionally courteous to get feedback from the client upon completion of the project, but this little act also serves as a tool for continuous improvement. In fact, a project is virtually incomplete until the client’s feedback has been collected. In the following section you will learn about the information that is collected through a project feedback form. Nonetheless, it is advisable that you download the feedback form template from Bright Hub’s Media Gallery to get a better idea about what a project feedback form should look like.

Information Collected Through a Project Feedback Form

The template for project feedback you have downloaded from the above link covers nearly every aspect of a project. Still, you can customize or alter the template to suit the particular requirements of your project. The important categories of information the template tries to gather include:

Basic Assessment

An important aspect of a project is how well the service provider understands the basic objective and requirements of the project. Accordingly, in the first section of the project feedback template the client is required to rate the service provider’s understanding of these core aspects of the project.

Team’s Performance

The next section gives the client an opportunity to rate the project team’s performance, in terms of:

  1. The behavior of the team at work,

  2. The attitude of the team toward the project,

  3. The level of expertise displayed by the team,

  4. Work efficiency,

  5. Initiative taken by the team members,

  6. The innovativeness and the creative abilities of the team,

  7. How targeted was the team toward achieving the objective,

  8. Whether the team worked as an integrated unit,

  9. How good the team was at solving problems,

  10. How efficient and effective was the execution of the work, and

  11. How skilled were the team members in handling equipment and machinery.

Work Performed

This section gathers some critical information regarding the actual work performed. The responses received here should be considered seriously as they determine how successful the service provider has been in administering and completing the project. The pertinent questions asked in this section of the project feedback form include:

  1. Was the project completed as per the timeline and schedule specified by the client?
  2. What was the overall quality of the completed work?
  3. What percentage of the project objective was successfully achieved?
  4. How knowledgeable and skilled were the team members, with respect to the work they were expected to perform?
  5. Did the team have the right tools and equipments to handle the job at hand?
  6. How good were the team’s interpersonal relationships with the other parties involved in the project?
  7. Does the client feel the amount charged for the work was justified in terms of actual work performed?

Final Assessment

In the final assessment, the client is required to answer only two questions, but both these questions speak volumes about how well the work was executed and how successfully it was completed. These two questions are:

  1. How good was the overall performance of the team?, and
  2. Whether or not the client would be willing to hire the firm in future?

An additional column has been provided in this section where the client can enlist any suggestions for improving the performance of the team.

Important Note

Unless other rating options have been provided, this project feedback form template uses a standard rating scale of one to ten – where ten is the highest score and one is the lowest score. Also, wherever needed, a space has been provided where the client can leave additional remarks.

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