Study of a Crisis Management Plan Sample for a Wedding Event

Study of a Crisis Management Plan Sample for a Wedding Event
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Emphasizing the Importance of a Crisis Management Plan

Providing a sample of a crisis management plan is one way to emphasize the importance of having a prepared set of action plans in times of critical situations. Most expert wedding planners, for example, are well prepared to take control of potential wedding disasters. They have a written plan for their courses of action to manage the risks in all types of disruption scenarios they could possibly think of. However, they also keep their fingers crossed that such incidents will not happen.

Study our sample of action plans and strategies on how to manage potential risks and threats in wedding events. Read the sections below, as we walk you through each important aspect, along with a screen-shot image of the plan.

1. Identifying all Possible Threats of Disruptions or Interruptions

A cautious wedding planner would rather not call it a crisis management plan, since it may sound too ominous or foreboding. It’s enough that a ready plan is at hand, to at least allay the typical wedding jitters that can affect everyone who is involved with the preparations.

The first step is to identify all the known and possible scenarios and threats that could disrupt or interrupt an otherwise perfect wedding. Take note that in this type of risk management, the peculiar situation where a bride or groom does not show up on her or his wedding day is also considered a risk.

Such a scenario takes into consideration that those already waiting at the altar are just about ready to go into a state of panic. An absentee bride or groom is an embarrassment that no one would ever want to face or deal with. Imagine a church full of muted whispering, asking questions or getting irritated by the long wait and the uncertainty of the situation.

In risk management , it is important that someone has to act with a clear mind and not jump into conclusions. The wedding planner who already has a set of plans, which she and her team recently reviewed and prepared for, will know what to do in order to minimize confusion.

2. Knowing Whom to Call and Mobilize

crisis management teams

Knowing beforehand the right persons to call and mobilize in handling a situation can lessen the tension that might grip the wedding planner. In the event that a real crisis has occurred, it would be best to call on person(s) who are considered experts in handling a particular scenario.

In the case of the absentee bride or groom, captioned as the No-Show Scenario in our sample of a crisis management plan, the team leader assigned to handle the situation is someone who has exceptional verbal and interpersonal skills. These are qualities often possessed by individuals with training and experience in human resources, psychology, or counseling.

The wedding planner doesn’t have to employ the person but can make prior arrangements before the wedding day with a colleague or a recommended professional. She might perhaps have two to three persons confirmed as available at a short moment’s notice on the day of the wedding. As for the team members, they may be her employees who have undergone proper training in administering CPR and first-aid treatment.

3. Knowing the Important Numbers to Call

Important Numbers to Call

One of the most important elements of risk management is that of communication. Having a pre-listed set of important numbers to call will keep the confusion at bay.

By getting in touch with the right persons, situations can readily be assessed as critical or not. If it is, those who are pre-designated to undertake the task of calling the said units or individuals will proceed as planned.

A disaster is something that has to be faced with urgency; hence it is important that all anticipated data should be gathered and researched prior to its occurrence. That way, the little time that is available will not be wasted in trivial actions.

4. General Guidelines for Action Plans

General Guidelines of a Crisis Management Plan

A plan of preparations does not go into full details about the actual steps to undertake. However, it is important that those who will be tasked to handle a particular scenario are properly apprised of actions considered as practical, sensible, ethical and legal–the latter being important for business purposes.

Since everyone tends to be in a state of frenzy, a crisis management team who can act swiftly in putting a semblance of order will help ease the tension.

Download and study the outline of actions to be taken in our sample of crisis management plan for a wedding event, and get insights on how to deal with emergency situations that may occur at any time or in any place. Note: Click here for a sample in MS Compatibility Mode version.