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Wrike - Review

written by: Ronda Bowen • edited by: Jean Scheid • updated: 7/6/2011

Looking for an online project management solution compatible with Microsoft Office? This review of Wrike takes a closer look at the software's capabilities.

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    What is Wrike?

    Wrike is an Internet based project management program. It promises to go beyond project management functions and help you to manage teams and businesses alike. Like Microsoft Outlook, you can create tasks from Emails. This program's pricing begins at $3.99 per month per user and ranges up to $11.99 per month depending on the features you would like. The program includes a free thirty day trial, so that you can evaluate whether it will work well for you and your company.

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    What does Wrike Do?

    Because Wrike promises to go beyond the needs of a project manager and also take care of a business manager's needs, this program has lots of neat features built in. Among the features in the Enterprise edition are:

    • The ability to manage unlimited projects
    • Outstanding Email tools
    • Gantt chart capabilities that go above and beyond
    • File Sharing
    • Import and Export compatibility with Microsoft Excel
    • Templates
    • The ability to track time
    • An archived history of revisions
    • An interactive and shareable calendar
    • RSS feeds
    • Microsoft Project importing capabilities
    • The ability to create task dependencies with ease

    In addition to these outstanding features, Wrike boasts that it is a secure method of managing businesses and projects on the web - and it provides data backups to your files. Business managers can align jobs for employees with company business objectives.Project Managers have the ability to turn emails into Gantt Charts. The program promises to save project managers time by eliminating the need to continuously enter routine tasks.

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    Is Wrike for You?

    Wrike is for you if you love using Microsoft Outlook to manage email and action items, but have found that you require a project management software. This program integrates with Microsoft tools. My favorite feature of this program is the ability to use Email as a project management method - by having the ability to turn Email not only into tasks but into Gantt Charts - saving time and thus saving money. The price is right for this program. Beginning businesses that find themselves in the position of needing to expand their project management departments will be quite happy with Wrike.