Review of Project 2007 Step by Step as a Project Management Resource

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With over 500 pages of step-by-step instructions, Microsoft Office Project 2007: Step-by-Step by Carl Chatfield [Chatfield, Carl (2007). Microsoft Office Project 2007: Step-by-Step. Microsoft Press] is a fantastic beginner’s guide to using Microsoft Office Project 2007 to manage your projects. Although this book is designed more for the project manager just starting to use Project 2007 to manage projects, this book tackles advanced topics with easy-to-understand instructions.

My favorite feature of this book is that it contains page after page of easy-to-follow graphics. This is the perfect format the Project 2007 beginner. Along with the graphics are detailed step-by-step instructions for performing all of the basic project management tasks such as resource and time management and project budgeting. And, as if those tasks aren’t basic enough, this book starts the very beginning showing readers how to enter their work breakdown structure and assign resources to listed tasks.

Each set of instructions seems to flow well from one topic to the next, each logically following the preceding steps. This makes this book easy to follow cover to cover. Each topic also stands on its own merit, working wonderfully well as a quick way to look up an exact set of steps. Again, designed with the beginner in mind, this book contains tons of practice files and helpful hints.

This book follows the traditional Step by Step format you’ve probably seen in previous Microsoft Press publications which tends to appeal to computer users who classify themselves as relative beginners. And, in reality, this book is an outstanding reference for those users. Although, it really it more of a learning tool than it is a reference tool.

This book is recommended by Microsoft as a study aid in preparing for Exam 70-632, Managing Project Using Microsoft Project 2007. And, although it’s a great start towards using Microsoft Office Project 2007 for your project management needs, you may find that you reach the test under-prepared.

But, if you would classify yourself as a Project beginner, start with the book. With a retail price of $29.99, this book is a good value. However, if you plan to take your newly learned skills to the certification exam, get one of the other recommended resources to take your knowledge a step further.

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