A Review of Projecturf

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About Projecturf

Projecturf is a web based project management software that has a variety of plans to suit your needs. All plans (except for Green) offer an unlimited number of contacts and an unlimited amount of storage space. The plans (except for Green) also offer a project milestone calendar with discussions, automatic email reminders, a time tracker (to bill clients and track freelancer rates), and the ability to share documents. All paid plans have a 30-day trial period.

The White Plan is $15.99/month. It allows 5 active projects at one time.

The Black Plan is $29.99/month. It allows 20 active projects at one time.

The Blue Plan is $59.99/month. It allows 40 active projects at once.

The Red Plan is $110.99/month. It allows 100 active projects at once.

The Orange Plan is $159.99/month. It allows an unlimited amount of active projects at one time.

The Green Plan is free. It allows one project to be active at a time. With the Green Plan, you will not have a trial period because there is no payment required to “go green.” The only features available with the Green plan are:

  • Change Colors, Logo, and URL
  • Milestones, Tasks, Discussions
  • Automatic Email Reminders
  • Set Access Permissions
  • RSS Feed
  • SSL Security

Using Projecturf

In order to use Projecturf, you must sign up for an administrator account. When you sign up for the account, you will need to fill in basic company information and billing information. There will be an authorization to make sure your card is valid, and you will be given a date for your trial to end.

From there, you can login and add project information, as well as users who will have access to the account. The features of Projecturf are all very easy to use and manage. You can very easily import contacts, and input project information for tracking and sharing with the entire project staff.

Projecturf and Your Projects

So what does all this mean for you and your company? It means that you will have a cost effective way to manage all of your projects. For the money, you have access to excellent services, and you should be able to become better organized and efficiently increase productivity!

Because it’s so easy to use and has a variety of pricing options for any size business, Projecturf is most certainly recommended!