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A Review of GroupWeave

written by: Finn Orfano • edited by: Marlene Gundlach • updated: 3/10/2009

GroupWeave is a well designed portfolio and document management tool which any project management system demands the most. The reason for this high demand is its exclusive structure and highly sophisticated web-based functionality. Read on to find out more about this tool of project collaboration.

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    Project management forms the core of all performance-based organizations and includes various aspects such as:

    • Proficient use of the available resources
    • Ensuring accomplishment of all the specified project objectives
    • Maintaining integrity across the execution of various assignments

    One of the most favored forms of project management systems that provides constant supervision, combined with a greater degree of transparency and the comfort of executing multiple projects is an Online Project Management System. There are numerous online software packages in the market that provide charts and comparative statistics but fail to deliver in workplace environments that require ‘actual’ implementation of assignments in a resourceful manner.

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    GroupWeave: A Healthier Approach

    The creators of GroupWeave have realized that projects are bound to fail due to a single or an assortment of reasons.

    The general reasons include:

    • Biased and restricted communication
    • Erroneous status reports that are optimistic beyond the realm of reasonability
    • Inability of the in-house management teams to properly track the execution of assigned tasks

    GroupWeave Software is an online tool that can be used by large or small organizations to make sure that their assets are used in the most judicious way and projects are completed within a timeframe. What sets GroupWeave apart is its focus on increased levels of collaborative execution of tasks and enhanced communication to sustain better results and for creating a constructive management structure.

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    Advantage GroupWeave

    Experience gained from decades of managing/building dynamic teams at workplaces has been incorporated in the development of GroupWeave Software. This software is proficient at:

    • Adapting itself to inevitable changes or situations that create uncertainty
    • Creating a project-oriented theme rather than presenting itself as just another task-oriented online service
    • Delving beyond the dominion of just being an information storehouse
    • Creating opportunities for ad-hoc/informal communication in the form of easy daily announcements or updates
    • Increasing the level of coordination among the various teams at work
    • Balancing the workload through maintaining an ideal forum for keeping everyone updated on the responsibilities of each team member
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    Features of GroupWeave Software

    1. Shared Online Calendar

    This is among the best collaborative tools in online project management that simply merges all the users from various departments into one single view (i.e. one online page). This increases the level of transparency as everyone remains updated on the tasks being performed by other team members

    2. Comprehensive Information Displaygroupweave 

    GroupWeave users benefit from having an easily-accessible form of information displayed at their desks in which:

    • New entries can be added with just single-click operations
    • Entries can be added on an impromptu basis and any sort of formal detail can be added. Example: an entry regarding current work status can be updated by one user but can be viewed by every team member

    3. Gannt Charts

    GroupWeave acknowledges the wisdom of Gannt Charts and incorporates it as a part of its online package to help in planning/managing routine or complex projects. GroupWeave Presentation 

    By using Online Gannt Charts, GroupWeave is capable of:

    • Creating, prioritizing and distributing project tasks.
    • Mentioning the time duration for the project and the various assignments within it.
    • Keeping a track of any precursors or precedents for ongoing projects.
    • Distributing specific tasks among multiple users.
    • Allowing users to revise these tasks as a part of their daily activity and even update it, example — add additional time, if required.

    4. View: Tasks, Projects, Statusgroupweave3 

    All the above information (tasks generated through Gannt) can be viewed through the Task View.

    • Effort required for each task is estimated and is continuously tracked here
    • Utilization of the created tasks can also be viewed by the entire team

    5. File Organization

    GroupWeave helps to maintain a hierarchical management and presentation of the files.

    • Every project in action can be tracked in specific folders
    • Security application can be moulded in order to allow other team members to view these folders and share them with clients

    6. Wiki-styled entries

    In GroupWeave, important project-related documents can be integrated with the project data.

    • Entries could be in the form of text-based entries or in the form of file attachments
    • There is also an option of viewing information such as ‘approval status’ or ‘edit history’
    • Approval status can be altered to generate a systematic workflow that suits the requirement of the entire organization