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Communication is key in effective project management. A good project manager stays in regular contact with project stakeholders providing status updates he or she has received from project team members. A convenient way to communicate this information is through the use of a status report. In Misty Faucheux’s article, How to Write an Effective Status Report, the author details how to write an effective status report that clearly communicates your project’s progress to both management and team members.

And, speaking of communication, what happens when you get behind schedule and your project stakeholders are “communicating” their disappointment? You crash the schedule, of course. In her article, A Quick Guide to Crashing a Project Schedule, author Diana Hardin answers common project crashing questions such as: What exactly is project schedule crashing? How do I use it? When is crashing NOT a good idea?

Another commonly searched for project management template is the risk register. A good risk register records the identified risks, their severity, and the actions steps to be taken for a project while you are still in the project planning phases. Author Natasha Baker has written several articles about risk registers and their implementation in a project. In her article, What is a Risk Register?, in addition to describing the risk register components, she offers up a link to a sample risk register template you can download.

As your project progresses, many project managers utilize a Stakeholder Analysis Matrix to prioritize the various opinions, influences, and interests that go into the project that is being managed. In the article, 3 Great Examples of a Stakeholder Analysis Matrix, author Ronda Levine gives a few great examples that you can work from to develop your own Stakeholder Analysis Matrix.

For those of you that utilize Six Sigma in your project management, author Michele McDonough has provided a list of 10 Six Sigma Templates you can Download. In this detailed article, you can see and download Fishbone, PICK and Sipoc diagrams. And, as if all of these forms weren’t enough, take a few minutes to check out Joe Taylor, Jr’s article, Top Ten Benefits of Project Management.

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